Why Smoking Should Be Quit Immediately?

Smoking is injurious to health and the cigarette making companies are bound to publish the health warning. Nothing can be said in favor of smoking, whereas hundreds of reasons are there to quit smoking immediately. Keeping in view the facts and figures all over the world related to smoking and its complications it is never too late to quit and it is the best time for this golden decision. Without smoking you will have following long term health benefits:-

Heart Attack

Chances of stroke and heart attack will surely be minimized.

Lungs Health

Chances of getting lungs cancer, emphysema, and other lung complications will also be reduced.

Better Smelling

Better smelling clothes, hair, breath, home, and car

Good Stamina and fitness

Opportunity to climb stairs, running and walk without getting out of breath.

Less Wrinkles

Your face will look fresh and skin will be less prone to wrinkles and dryness.

Protect your Race

Your child will have to face less number of coughs, colds, and earaches if you are not a smoker.

Morning Coughs

You will get free of morning coughs of dead smokers.

Be Energetic

You will have more energy to complete physical fitness exercises and workouts.

Save Money

You will have more money to treat yourself with good books and music of your interest by savings of smoking charges.

Quite Slavery

You will feel more independence after getting rid of smoke-slavery and have good health control of your body.

Be a Role Model for your Children

If you quit smoking, you will be the one of them who love the good environment and try to provide it for all without polluting it with smoking. I would like to add one thing that if we like our children not to smoke, we should stop smoking before advising them not to start smoking.