Health and Fitness Tips

Avoid Fat Foods

Simple food is very much essential for good health fitness. Try to avoid fatty things like fried foods, burgers and Bar B Qs and fatty meats (for example ham, pork bacon, salami, ribs, and sausage etc). Instead of it, dairy products like cheese, cottage cheese, milk and cream in low-fat versions is the best-suited diet to be taken. Restrict yourself to eat Nuts sandwich meats, mayonnaise, margarine, butter and sauces in fewer amounts. Most of them are available in lower fat versions like substitute butter, fat-free cheeses, and mayonnaise.

Walking Habit

Walking is a very good habit for health. Try to find ways to keep the body in motion in daily life. Use of stairs instead of elevators or escalators, walking your dog, chasing the kids, tossing the ball with friends, mowing the lawn and less use of motor vehicles for short distances are some common ways to build walking habit.

Overcome the Stress

In this life, nobody can claim that he never experienced Stress. And it is the fact that everyone goes under mental depression under different circumstances. Some people are very much healthy in this regard and they often come out from this condition in very short time. On the other hand, you know that some persons feel unable to get rid of the stress. According to a Chinese proverb, “Do not worry about that tough time which is far at least one night”. As you know that nobody wants to be depressed but he is totally at the mercy of circumstances. But here are some tips that can reduce the stress, anger, and agony. First, when you feel in a dangerous condition and you are standing, sit down and relax. If you are already sitting then try to lie down on a bed if it is possible. Secondly, drink a glass of water. Thirdly try to leave that place for a while and try to think positive thoughts. If you are under stress try to overcome it by reading your lovely book, walking on the beach, meeting your friend, playing with your pets, messaging or watching a funny picture. Try to avoid people with opposite opinion. Keep smiling and improve it as a habit. Be optimistic and never lose temperament on pity issues. Try to help people and sacrifice for others you will feel unexplainable inner joy, helping you to come out from Stress.

Stop Smoking

Smoking is injurious to health. Not only for the smoker but same harmful for the people who are not smokers but they live with their smoker friend of relative. Some people start smoking as fashion but after that, they become a dead smoker. Smoking is the main cause of lungs and throat cancer in so many cases. If you like to be healthy and also to remain healthy as well then it is strongly recommended that you should stop smoking from today. Some people try to stop it gradually and they fail to quit smoking. A strong will power is the main requirement to get rid of this bad habit. Health is the most precious thing in this world. No compromise on it. Also warn the youngsters about the harm of this habit, most of them are impressed by the heroes of Hollywood by seeing them smoking in movies.

Smog-free Environment

For health, it is better to live in a smog-free environment. But nowadays it is not easy for people living in big cities, so they have to live in the crowded environment. It is better to avoid smoke filled rooms, congested and high traffic areas. Never does healthy exercise in the polluted environment. Living in small houses with so many family members is not good for health.

Morning Walk

Try to get morning walk and daily exercise at grassy grounds or garden area. Keep your home fresh with plants and flowers. Open the doors and windows to get fresh air and keep your exit fans functional. Keep your head undressed while sleeping in a room to get plenty of oxygen during sleep.

Eat to live but don’t live for eating

Over eating is very much harmful to health. Try to eat when you feel hungry and there is no need to eat without appetite. Use plenty of drinking water daily so that it helps your body to throw out its wastages in form of urination and perspiration. No compromise on the quality of food, the quantity may be compromised on it.

Travelling safety

Travelling is a part of life; safety precautions during traveling are to be taken and all traffic rules and regulation to be followed in order to ensure the safety of your life as well as for the other people on the way. It is a very much common practice that people neglect to fasten their seat belts while traveling in vehicles. In case of any accident, the seat belt saves from major injuries being a safety tool.

Have a good sleep

People work day and night without caring their health. 6-8 hour good sleep is the essential requirement of our body. Some people wake all the night and get sleepy all the day. It is common proverb “Early to bed early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”. So try to have a good sleep.

Positive Thinking

Try to be calm and cool and avoid from anger. The face reading of an angered person is never charming to any one. Having a cheerful smile face is liked every one. We spend a lot of money to maintain our clothing to be well dressed and try to avail all luxuries to show off people, but not remain careful about our moral values.

Avoid Drinking

Some health advisor having a point of view that wine is good for health in limited quantity. But experience shows that it is almost dangerous for health especially as concerned to the liver, kidney disease, and cancer.