Five Health Factors

What is Health State

The human body system is very much complicated, based on so many systems operating simultaneously and interlinked with each other. Here is an example to understand; the serviceability of all parts of a clock is monitored and can be judged by the accuracy of time, it shows. If the inner parts are working accurately and systematically the time of clock is 100% accurate. On the other hand, if any part of the clock is malfunctioning the time will be disturbed showing the inner problem. The state of health is like the time of the clock. If any body feels uneasy, anxious, irritable, gloomy without sufficient cause; he is not fit, he is not healthy and his body is not in the state of health even in spite of all medical test reports show him clear.

What is Symptom?

As soon as any disease starts the human body system feels it and shows its symptoms. The symptoms are the body language of a patient expressing the disease to the doctor if he understands. But the question is how to maintain 24-hour fitness, health and to avoid the main causes leading to sickness.

Following are five main factors which have a great influence on the state of health and 24-hour fitness:-

Nutritional Factor

Quality of food. Quality of food not to be compromised on the quantity of food. A little quantity of good food is better for health & fitness. What food should I eat to remain healthy? remained unanswered until we know the basic nutritional mistakes.
Over eating Over eating is a bad habit and very much harmful for health. There are so many diseases for which the main cause is overeating. Indigestion, gas trouble, sour eructation, lassitude, and headaches are common symptoms of overeating.

Dieting. People start dieting for weight loss normally. So many people try to lose weight on their own by dieting without consultation qualified doctor. Resultantly, they can not lose their weight but some of them lose their health. Dieting doesn’t mean to eat less or fasting at all but it is the secret of dieting that you should eat such diet having minimum calories.

Drinking. Drinking of liquor is very much offensive in some communities and religions. But this habit is also dangerous to health causing peptic ulcer, hepatic diseases and loss of consciousness generally.

Fatty diet. Fatty diet is another danger to health, causing an increase of cholesterol and obesity. Hypertension, brain hemorrhages are its common results.

Misuse of condiments. The inhabitants of some Asian countries use, but you can say misuse the condiments in their cooking. Overuse of condiments results in over sensitiveness to heat and hypertension.

Misuse of sugar. Over use of sugar is not favorable to health. It causes lassitude, obesity and raises blood sugar level.

Misuse of tea. In old years ago tea was taken as a medicine. But nowadays has become an essential serving item and people take tea frequently daily. It is a stimulant which stimulates the senses due to its main ingredient caffeine. Its limited use is not dangerous to health but it’s over use may cause deafness, nervous weakness, debility and over sensitiveness. Moreover, some people like to take it so hot just near to its boiling point, which is very much dangerous for stomach and digestive system.

Refined flour. To keep the digestion system in good condition our diet should contain fiber. The refined flour which in common use is not suitable for the patients of chronic constipation. The outer part of wheat containing minerals and vitamins is the nice form of fiber in flour and unrefined whole meal bread is very effective tool for constipation.

Poor intake of water. Some people drink water very less or they feel thirst less, they need to increase water intake to wash out their wastages of the body through urination, stool, and perspiration in order to get healthy.

Late night dinner. Late night dinner routine has become fashion. This habit is not so much harmful to health but sleeping just after late dinner is not good for health and causes stomach disorder and other digestive problems.

Environmental factor

Improper accommodation.The living accommodation should be airy, lighted, neat & clean, smog free and hygienically fit for human beings. So many diseases related to skin and respiratory system are the result of polluted and congested residential area.

Faulty Drain system. Drain or sewerage system of any area is very much concerned with the health of people residing in the locality. So many diseases are born and spread due to a bad sewerage system.

Exercise factor

Lack of exercise. Laziness is the main cause to avoid exercises. Some people feel that they have to work hard during daytime and get exhausted so they have no need to exercise for body fitness. That is why very less percentage of people exercise daily. This perception is wrong. Daily exercise is necessary for everyone to keep the body healthy and strong. Some heavy exercises are not recommended for the individual in an age of 30 or above, but normal exercises are to be done regularly.

Misuse of vehicles. With the development of science and technology and traveling facilities, people have to walk little for daily routine works. This habit can be changed in order to maintain good health as well as saving your wealth. Make the behavioral change and try to walk for short distances, use stairs instead of elevators and enjoy some outdoor games. Avoid use of vehicles for the walking distances.

Emotional factor

Anger, hate, fear, and grief. Emotional effects on the body can not be ruled out in order to disturb the health state. Anger, fear, hate, and grief are well known for their bad effects on mental health. Different psychological problems based on these emotional effects. In order to maintain health physically and the mentally proper guideline is required to console and to minimize the risk of bad effects of these emotions. Sleeplessness, irritability, mood disorder, depression/sadness, over sensitiveness to light noise and contradiction, are some common symptoms pointing to some emotional disturbances need to be understood.

Depression Frequently failures in life and suppression of emotions, love, hate, anger, and feeling of guilty after committing crime results in the form depression. Depression is being psychological disease affects not only mental health but its consequences are same dangerous for physical health also. Loss of appetite is a common effect of depression which causes physical and mental weakness.

Immune system

Bad effects of medicines In some cases patients of chronic diseases getting allopathic medicines for long periods are to face weakness of their immune system as a side effect.

The result of long sickness. After long sickness immunity system becomes weak and is required to be strengthened with proper caring and healthy diet