What Is Fiber And Why It Is Necessary For Health?

Diet is not only important to kill the hunger but the balanced diet is more important for the strong body, healthy mind and pleasant mood. The quality of food and its ingredients have an important role to prevent different diseases as well.

Diet Composition

Our diet can be classified into two portions we eat; one is digestible and the second one is indigestible. A digestible portion of the diet is consumed by our body to gain energy and the second portion is expelled out as urine and stool.

What is fiber?

That portion of raw fruits, vegetables, and grains which can not be digested is called fiber. This is the most important ingredient of our diet which is mostly being ignored in modern societies. In modern societies people use refined flour and fruit juices which provide all required vitamins and nutritional benefit but remain unable to be a substitute of fiber. Digestion system is the main system of the body, with which other systems are co-related and may be disturbed with the disturbance of digestion system.

Why is it necessary?

Some common diseases related to digestive systems, like constipation, hemorrhoids, and appendicitis are based on the lake of fiber intake in daily food. Normally soluble fiber after dissolving in water turned into the soft gel and insoluble fiber keeps the bowl to moving ahead avoiding constipation basically and its complications like hemorrhoids and appendicitis as well.

The people who use fiber in their diet are less prone to so many diseases and if they become sick, normally improve rapidly as compared to other persons. It is known fact that in civilized societies the intake of fiber is very much less as compared to developing nations.

Advantages of fiber

After knowing about the importance of fiber further more advantages in order to fight with diseases are appended below;-

Diabetes. Fiber is found helpful for the body in order to manage insulin and glucose; hence by increasing the intake of fiber, in the shape of whole meal bread instead of refined flour and other fiber full diets, can avoid the risk of diabetes.
Heart Diseases Increased Cholesterol in blood hardens arteries which result in causing heart diseases. cholesterol can also be eliminated by using soluble fiber based fruits like oatmeal okra or oranges

Constipation. In order to regulate bowl, there is no need to take a laxative if fiber intake is sufficient. The fiber in food keeps the bowls soft, moist and makes it easy to eliminate in order to avoid constipation and hemorrhoids.

Appendicitis. Infection of appendices may also be prevented by using fiber in food to keep the bowls soft and moist.

Healthy Intestines. By processing fiber based foods including peas, corn, and spinach, our intestinal muscles become strong and healthy enough to avoid becoming pouches, which may cause severe belly pain in case it becomes swollen or infected.

Weight Loss. If you are dieting and in try to lose weight then fiber is your best helper, which contains low calories and fat. It swells after mixing with water and gives a sense of satiety fast avoiding over eating.

Cancer. Not only avoiding constipation but rectal and colon cancer also be prevented by high fiber food. The chances of rectal and colon cancer increase with the increase of animal fats in the daily diet. By using high-fiber diet is ultimate results in less consumption of fats instead.

Keeping in view the above-mentioned advantages of fiber, it is needless to emphasise of its use in food. Be natural, use natural diet, whole meal bread, fruits instead of its juices, avoid fast foods and fats to remain healthy.