Menopause Symptoms And Calcium Intake

Human Body Combination

Naturally, a human body is a wonderful combination of bones and muscles, suffering continually wear and tear processes in the daily life. There are so many factors, affecting the systems of human body. The human body is running different systems at a time in order to maintain its state of health.

Female Body System

The female body has an additional menstrual system is distinguished from males. Diet, lifestyle, and effects of emotions like grief, joy, moroseness, depression, hate, and love are the main factors. The most affected person is the women from all above-quoted factors by nature. In the world especially in poor countries women have to work hard with shouldering additional responsibilities of giving birth and look after the kids as well as the whole family, they found no time for them.

Aging Effects and Menopause

After 40 the women become susceptible to aging. They feel tired, loss of appetite, weakness, scanty menses/complete amenorrhea, irritability, flushes of heat, fits of anger, sense of insecurity, the inclination to weeping, sleeplessness, and lack of self-confidence in daily life. This change of disposition is called Menopause. These changes are not only just for mentally but also it relates to hormonal changes during this Menopause. In this age, her brittle bones are susceptible to osteoporosis and more of a threat to fractures.

How Is Calcium Useful?

All up to this point, was a discussion about the problem, now we come to the solution; what is the solution? Ok as you know it is a fact that calcium has the ability to reduce most of the problems related to bones being the main ingredient of it.

Calcium is the only one mineral contained in huge quantity in the body; stored in the bones giving support to bone structure and through out in blood, muscles and in the fluid between the cells. This mineral is essentially required for muscle and blood vessels contractions and expansion. It is also needed not only for the secretion of hormones and enzymes but also for sending messages through the nervous system. The calcium is so important in our body that constantly its level is maintained systematically.

Foods Containing Calcium

In menopause following calcium full foods are helpful to avoid such symptoms; dried fruit, fish, leafy green vegetables, egg whites, and milk products are the main source of calcium to be used.

Avoid Depression

And a thing which is related to psychology and is obviously universal truth; we should try to give happiness to others, in fact, it is the main source of happiness we receive. And Real happiness and satisfaction is a tonic that can cure every disease. Be optimistic depression is not the solution to any single problem.