Benefits of Physical Fitness Exercise


To remain fit and healthy exercise has the dominant effect on the body to boost its strength and growth. Following are the some of the common effects of regular exercise revealed by experience and study;-

Deep Sleep

Good sleep is necessary for good health, sleep deprived people often remain under physical and mental health problems. Some people have to take sleeping pills; exercise can help those people to avoid side effects of depressant pills by improving natural sleep. No other thing can be the substitute for restful natural sleep in connection with health and fitness.

Waste Drainage

During exercise, so many wastages are drained out with perspiration which gives the body freshness and increases the water intake.

Mental Health

It is true that healthy body contains healthy mind; physically active students always get good marks in their exams as revealed by experience. Physical exercise improves memory and intellectual functioning resulting sharpness of mind.

Stress and Depression

Physical exercise reduces stress and improves the stamina and capability of the body against stress and other emotional accidents. It is also helpful to improve mental condition of the people under psychological effects of grief, moroseness, sense of being guilty or insulted.

Emotional Stability

To reduce irritability and anxiety. Regular physical activity and exercise found helpful to reduce symptoms of anxiety; avoids the risk of panic attacks. Improves stamina against emotional stress; for people remaining anxious and fearful about futures experiences. Lake of self-confidence and fear of some thing happening may also be reduced with physical exercise.

Fresh Mood

Exercise not only effects on the body muscles but also have a good effect on nerves and mood. A pleasant feeling and a sense of enjoyment is a result of physical exercise being helpful to get rid of depression and hopelessness.

Healthy Skin with beauty

Exercise improves self-confidence being healthy and good looking body shape as physical fitness exercise has the very nice effect on the skin making it soft healthy and nice avoiding freckles and its dryness.