Avoid 7 Exercise Mistakes

Any work in this life needs proper knowledge of its theory before practice. In the same way, when you are ready to undergo any health fitness exercise you should know about complete steps and techniques and all the requirements of exercise in order to get the full benefit. Otherwise, any wrong practice may cause injury resulting in pain or any other complications instead of being benefited.

Fore Knowlege

The knowledge about the steps you have to complete while exercising is much important and the most important knowledge is how to avoid any injury or knowing about the mistakes which may be during exercise. Here are given some common mistakes committed by newly excited persons who want to get rapid results of physical exercises without sufficient knowledge.

Avoid Over Estimating Your Health State

Before starting any health fitness exercise, it is the safe way to consult your health advisor. If you are suffering from some serious illness your physician will surely give you useful advice. If he forbade from exercise, then act upon his advice and postpone your exercise plan up till your health recovery. Never ignore your doctor’s advice as he better knows your health state and physical capacity.

Dieting With Exercise

It is common perception to assume the dieting more benefitted during exercise; it is wrong. When you are exercising physically your body needs food to maintain your health. If you are not eating well and trying to reduce your weight by dieting it may be dangerous for your health and your body may lead to starvation and weakness. The secret is to cut down the calories in your food instead of lowering food intake. Try to use diet consists on fewer calories food items; if you need to weigh loss during physical fitness exercises.

Look Busy Do Nothing

This behavior is not justified in order to achieve fitness goals. When you are exercising try to pay full attention to your exercise so you can do it in true letter and spirit. Exercise with your buddies is not forbidden but it should not be your attention diverting from exercise in order to get positive results.

Ventilation And Breathing.

During exercise breathing becomes fast and body needs more oxygen as compared to body rest position. The proper way to breathing is inhaling through nose exhaling from the mouth. It is also pertinent to mention that try to avoid short breathing; which may cause lack of oxygen. Always breathing should deep and proper in order to ensure proper oxidation of the body and avoid any faintness. Always do exercise in open air or well-ventilated place; if it is not possible then exercise can be done in the room in front of door or window opened outside.

Over exercise

Over exercise is a common practice by some fat persons who want to get rid of their fitness as early as possible. They do physical exercises frequently and too much and try to exercise plans which are so much difficult for their physical capacity. Slow and steady wins the race; start with easy exercises and keep going towards difficult exercises gradually by increasing your stamina.


It is good to set goals while doing any work, but make sure your goals should realistic and can be achieved. Never impressed by the false claims of advertising companies, claiming such as lose 100 pounds in 60 days or you can get bodybuilder’s muscle tone in one week and so on. Be patient and persistent while exercising to achieve your goal without being crazy.


Water is one of life-saving necessary item of food; low water intake may lead to dehydration of the body. At least 8 glass of water is necessary to be drunk daily. Always drink some water half an hour before starting the exercise. Profuse perspiration during exercise may cause dehydration so water intake should be maintained regularly.