How to Sleep Tight without Pills?

Insomnia (loss of sleep) has been increasing day by day in this modern age. It was a time when people did remain busy all the day in physical exertion and they sleep tight at night. Due to modernization, mental work is increasing instead of physical activities. Nowadays people feel no difference between day and night when scheduling their activities as late night working has become a routine job. Besides all this, there are so many reasons becoming the cause of insomnia. Here are given some effective tips to conquer insomnia and to prevent its bad effects.

Follow Strict sleeping Schedule

Parents are always right when they confine their children to follow bed time. Because it permits the body to set internal rhyme in order to get up on time in the morning after completing sleeping hours. Make a schedule of your sleep and strictly follow it; after some days you will get the positive results, also stick to your schedule on week ends keeping the tempo maintained.

Avoid Day Sleeping

Always try to sleep at night instead of day time unless it is unavoidable. Many times you have to wait (some times almost overnight) for sleep at night due to day slumber.

Expose Yourself to Sunlight

Maximize your exposure to sunlight having sun baths and moving in the sunshine. It will result in good sleep at night.

Physical Exercise

Physical exercise is very much important not only for good health and fitness but it is equally beneficent for good sleep at night. 20 to 30 minutes exercise daily helps to sleep better but it should be kept in mind that just before sleeping physical exercise may make falling asleep more difficult. The best time for physical exercise is in the morning and evening before breakfast and dinner.

Take Hot Shower

Before going to bed taking hot shower helps to relax tense muscles after long day fatigue and ultimately results in following good sleep.

Avoid Late Night Dinners

Eating late night just before going to bed has become a common practice of this modern age. Eat your dinner well in time keeping a clear margin of at least 2 hours between dinner and sleep. It helps to digest or starting digest well in time before you going to sleep allowing your body to take rest instead of churning away your food.

Avoid Tea Coffee at Bedtime

Before going to sleep avoid taking tea, coffee or any kind of stimulant to enjoy a good sleep. Make sure that too much use of stimulants results in loss of sleep and nervous weakness.

Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol is a depressant is used for sleep which is harmful to physical and mental health. Moreover, it causes you to wake up during the night and body feels tired after sleep.

Room Environment

The room should be slightly cooler, wear warm clothes if feel necessary. A room should be airy, odorless and fresh. Lights should be off or very dim. There should be no noise distracting your mind while going to sleep. Make sure that the bed you are going to sleep is comfortable and supportive.

Read an Interesting Book

Before going to sleep always read any interesting book which can bring your mind away from daily worries, tensions, and other terrible thoughts temporarily.

Follow your Religious Guidelines

The common teaching of all the religions, it provides hope, thankfulness to God and instructs to serve the humanity. The most you strict in following religious guidelines most you remain satisfied and contented. Good sleep is very much dependent on spiritual satisfaction and inner motivation.

Everything that is done in the world is done by hope. Famous Martin Luther King

Be Grateful to God

Think about the uncountable blessings, Allah Almighty blessed you with and you will find a big community in this world which is not blessed with the same. Be grateful to God always rather being depressed and tense for little miseries. Positive thinking ultimately makes you satisfied and happy, helping you to sleep tight.

Avoid Depression

If you are depressed and angry due to unbecoming attitude/behavior of someone and remain walking all the night, try to forgive him and go to sleep. Forgiveness is the best option to get rid of unfortunate experiments leading to good sleep and fresh mood. Keep your self away from Hate, Anger and Fear as for as possible for happy life and good sleep.