How to Deal with Anger?

The strong man is not the good wrestler; the strong man is only the one who controls himself in anger .
Hadrat Muhammad (Peace be upon Him)

It means that controlling anger is a most difficult act and an actual test of mental strength. Anger is not only affected one’s mental as well as physical capabilities; the decisions and wording in the state of anger mostly prove wrong and hurting, cause moroseness in future. So it is necessary for all to learn the anger controlling techniques in order to maintain the balanced personality and to make right decisions for happy life. Here are given some practical techniques to deal with anger in right way.

Be Silent

It is a common experience that when we speak in anger the situation continues to aggravate until one man controls his tongue. So the key is silence. If you remain silent in anger you are a winner you may say we will discuss this topic later on. If the situation is worse you may finish your talking by saying I do not like to respond you anymore and be silent and remain silent until you get rid of the state of anger. In the Urdu language, a proverb means that “cut of the knife can be healing on the body but the cut of the tongue (derogatory remarks) will not heal on the soul forever (until the affected person forgives). So remain silent in anger and avoid hurting the other one.

Be Indifferent for a While

In childhood, our parents taught us to become not responding to teasing children. In this way, children used to quit bothering us by losing interest due to our non-responding behavior. This technique is still effective for those malicious people who always enjoy making you mad in anger. If you become indifferent temporarily to teasing people you will be the winner to defeat your enemies.

Drink Water and Breath Deeply

When you feel the state of anger drink water, it may be difficult for some people but if you practice this technique you will find the definite result. Deep breathing helps controlling anger and provides calmness of mind.

Change your Position

You can also get help in controlling anger by changing your position; sit down if you are standing or lay down on the bed if you are sitting you will feel better control on your emotions.

Leave the Place

Try to leave the place immediately and too busy yourself in some favorite hobby. Leave thinking about the angry situation and keep pending any decision you want to make in this situation; surely it will be different.

Don’t Spoil your Peace of Mind

You have 100% right to become angry with a person who offends you but think for a while that in this way you can lose only your precious peace of mind and the other one may be unaware or enjoying the situation you are suffering with. So we should value our peace of mind instead of anger, it is wisdom.

Famous Martin Luther King Quote: I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.

Motivational Suggestions

Try to motivate yourself to abstain from anger by repeating following sentences silently:-

“Anger can not settle any situation rather will make it worse”.

“This anger is not in my favor”.

Think Positively

In this world no body is perfect; everyone is born with so many good and bad qualities (except holy personalities). So when you feel anger due to a negative attitude or any other mistake, try to dwell your mind on his good qualities by just ignoring his mistake. Negative thoughts can easily be countered with positive thinking, so be positive in all situations; resultantly you will feel relaxed and happy.

Be Kind and Smiling

Smiling (not critical) has the magic effect to diffuse so many angered situations. It is free of cost and can be used to normalize the abnormal tense situations. It is just offering good will to others and showing your loving behavior. Try to be kind in your words and attitude in all situations in order to avoid any hot talk.

Be Logical and Polite

During talking always try to understand the opponents’ point of view before defending yourself, always defend yourself logically, using kind words. Always abstain yourself from passing derogatory remarks about anyone. Truth needs only logical expression, not any force.