How to Lower Tension and Anxiety?

Fight to depression

In daily life tensions and anxiety has been increasing day by day. No body can claim that he never become its victim. In order to fight with depression following techniques have been proved helpful;-

Start Walking

If you are feeling tension and anxiety and you also want to get rid of it; then walking is a simple and nice tip to reduce it. 40-minute walk results in lowering the level of tension and anxiety immediately. If this practice is to be continued it is also helpful for fat people to reduce their weight. But for reducing weight, brisk walking is recommended by health advisors normally in order to get the desired result. The flexibility of the body is very much related to stretching. By stretching muscles become strong and fats start burning resulting in weight loss, decreasing stress, depression, gloomy mood and helping in increasing height.

Change Your Thinking Style

As you know tension and anxiety is a mentally ill state so some psychological tips are also useful to over come it. It needs some behavioral changes to counter tension and anxiety in daily life. Instead of thinking all the time about your own problems and miseries try to celebrate other people’s successes. You would find the real happiness by positive thinking because jealousy is not appreciated in any community.

Avoid Contradiction

Try to appreciate people for their good works, dressing, belongings, and beauty using nice words. Avoid criticism; ignore mistakes of others but never be selfish to praise any one. In the response, people would start to like you and give you the good response, and you will feel happy. Proud and superiority complex often makes the people unwanted in the community. Be humble and speak the truth.

Keep Smiling Face

Keep smiling as it is the best tonic for your face beauty even the most expensive face makeup cannot beat it. It is up to you that either you behave like mad on pretty issues or you just smile on big losses. Try to avoid insulting behavior; the harsh words uttered in rage are a big cause of wounding the soul and soul wounds takes a time to heal. The best gift for the people is your smile and good wishing which resultantly makes you popular in the community.

Do not consider any act of kindness insignificant, even meeting your brother with a cheerful face.
Hadrat Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) Quote

Love People and Build Relations

The love from the community as well as from your family side can bring you out from worries, tensions, and depression. Loneliness is the result of being cut off from relatives on pity matters; try to build up good relations with your relatives and friends. Key of success is forgiveness; keep forgiving and winning hearts. You will find no time to be depressed or worried in daily life business.