Main Causes of Depression

What is Depression?

Depression is the mental disease of this civilized society. There are so many factors that may cause depression; failure of exam, anger, moroseness, sense of guilt, hate, love disappointments and injustice are the main reasons. Practically when a to dishearten person gives up the struggle to fight with the problems in life and feel miserable; he is considered depressed.

Role of Injustice in Depression

Depression is very much dangerous for its victims to try to harm themselves even people commit suicide under this disease. Injustice is the root cause of this mental disease; because every person likes to be treated equally under the same rule regulations. Even children feel unhappy if they are not treated on merit. Justice is a tree giving fruits of peace, happiness, love, devotion, respect, and security. The society without justice is always full of tension, corruption, hate, insecurity and so many immoral ills causing the depression in those people who are economically and socially weak in the society. But it is not the disease of poor people only; it affects all the classes of society.

The moral arc of the universe bends at the elbow of justice. Famous Martin Luther King Quote

Is Religion Helpful to Control Depression?

The most affected personnel with depression are those who don’t believe in religion. Religion is hope; guides his followers to believe in God and provides the sense of good and bad. So many moral values are given by the religion, which is very much helpful in order to come out from depression and other psychological disorders.

Justice and Religion of Islam

All the religions are in favor of justice and guide their followers to remain optimistic during all up and downs of life. Islam is the religion known as the complete code of life providing complete guidance about all the aspects of life. Also defines the human rights and orders strictly to do justice and to avoid cheating, stealing, lying, fraud, murder, rape, gambling, use of wine, and all other immoral activities. Resultantly the real followers of Islam enjoy peace and happiness in their society under the Islamic law. Under Islamic rule fear of strict punishments for crimes has been lessened the ratio of crimes as compared to other societies.

A white has no superiority over black nor a black has any superiority over white except by piety and good action.
Hadrat Muhammad (Peace be upon Him)

As already discussed the main cause of depression is an injustice, so any society based on justice and fair dealing giving human rights to its citizens can protect them from depression as a whole.