How to Avoid Depression?

High Morale

No body can claim that he never faced problems in life; continues the struggle to over come the problems is actual life. The high morale is necessary to combat with the difficulties. Normally some people face the problems with courage and boldness and the others become worried, nervous and miserable; it is up to the physical and mental health of a person and will power. As the depression is a mental condition so it can be avoided by the psychological and behavioral improvements.

A man can’t ride your back unless it’s bent. Famous Martin Luther King

Do Good have Good

All of us want happiness, joy and mental peace in our lives, why we should enjoy making others miserable? Any one who thinks or tries to harm someone else, first of all, he destroys his peace of mind, good sleep and resultantly he loses the sense of happiness in his life. If we offer good will to other people this creates a pleasant feeling of joy which is unexplainable in words. Do good have good; so try to facilitate people in their problems and focus the good qualities of others instead of fault finding and unnecessary criticism. It is a common rule that “what we give out; we get back”. This behavior change results in your popularity and you find people loving and caring you.

Positive Thinking

Thinking is continued working of mind in daily life. Positive thinking results in good physical and mental health. Avoid sentiments of hate, anger, fear, and jealousy is thinking positive. Admire people for their good qualities more than to criticize their mistakes. Negative thinking means to focus on the dark side of things and fault finding disposition. As soon as we feel negative thinking we should stop and change the thinking topic or try to indulge us in some positive activity.

Work Hard to avoid Negative Thinking

An empty mind is prone to indulge in thinking so keep it busy in order to detach from negative thinking. Keep busy in some creative work. If you have made a mistake, try to correct it instead of harboring the feeling of guilt, which may cause depression. Often people see others making them guilty for their misfortune. So instead of feeling guilt, we should review our mistakes and move to right decisions.