How to Fight Depression?

Is Wealth the Key of Happiness?

Happiness and inner satisfaction are those feelings which are not bought able property. Wealth is very much essential to meet the daily life requirements but it is not sufficient to give anybody real sense of happiness and joy. So many wealthy people have to sleep after taking sleeping pills; they have lost their natural sleep for so many reasons. They are living a miserable life without happiness, joy, love, and caring for their dearest ones. Their children have no time to give them company. They have to drink wine and have to indulge in other addictions in order to get rid of their sadness but in vain. Their wealth seems terrible to increase their difficulties because so many people of their family have become greedy to get their wealth at any cost; they feel. They are going down day by day in an ocean of depression. Even wealth seems unable to avoid suicide in depressed people lacking real happiness and mental satisfaction in life. Why?

The moral arc of the universe bends at the elbow of justice.Famous Martin Luther King Quote 22:

Mechanical Life

We have to face numerous aspects of life. With the passage of time, our priorities continuously remain changing. Some people make them so absorbed in business that they find no time for relaxation and other healthy activities. They have to work hard mentally but even then physically they are idle. So the most important thing in this life is to maintain all the activities in a balanced manner. And with the daily business should spare some time for your family children and relatives in order to share your sorrows and happy hours. In this way, mental tension and sense of loneliness may be reduced.

Over Expectations

Another main reason for our tension and moroseness is that we find people failed to fulfill our expectations. Sometimes we behave someone very kind and helpfully and we naturally expect the same response from another side. If we don’t find our friend doing and thinking good for us we become unhappy. Do good have good, but don’t expect to have good it may be bad. High expectations from our dearest ones sometimes give us only depression and frustration as a result. We should always have low expectations from other people to avoid depression and frustration. It is a common mistake to feel that we can change someone to match our preferences. Every one has its own mind and no body can change other’s fundamentals. If we try to do so and fail, ultimately we will be frustrated.

Healthy Company

Some people always remain gloomy and criticizing the world; try to avoid their company. Be optimistic and try to cultivate happiness; share your joys with your friends and colleagues. Always think positive. It is up to you; whether you keep your eye on good or bad. If you find goodness you find it and if you search bad, it is already available. Negative thinking makes sad, grooming, miserable, spiteful and malicious. But positive thinking gives you happiness and satisfaction. So try to focus on good qualities of every person instead of discussing his mistakes or weaknesses.

Speak the truth

It is the satisfaction of mind. You feel confident and feel happy when speaking the truth. Telling a lie makes a man cowardice, confused and destroys your respect and honor resulting frustrated you. Never wait for someone to give you happiness and joy. Try to offer goodwill to others ultimately you will find happiness and joy as a reward. I can not explain in words the joy felt after giving charity to poor people; their smile gives us real and ever lasting happiness. We can not buy happiness but if we spend our wealth in public benefit, giving charity, doing physical help for needy people, even giving a loving smile to give consolation, it is the source of joy and happiness for us.