Healthy Lifestyle Principles For Weight Loss

Following behavior modification principles help in weight Loss:-

While Shopping

Shop for food after eating.

Avoid ready-to-eat foods.

Put off food shopping until absolutely necessary.

Encourage home eating being more hygienic and less expensive.


Plan to limit food intake as needed.
Substitute periods of physical activity for snacking.
Eat meals and snacks at scheduled times.

Store food out of sight, preferably in the freezer, to discourage impulsive eating
Eat all food in the same place.
Use small dishes and utensils.


Plan eating behavior before parties.
Eat a low-calories snack before parties.

Practice polite ways to decline food.

Eating Behavior

Drink water before starting a meal.
Put the fork down between mouthfuls.
Chew thoroughly before taking the next bite.
Pause in the middle of the meal.
Do nothing else while eating (for example reading, watching television).
Avoid hot meals being attractive and tempting.
Use of condiments is discontinued.

Weight Consciousness
Monitoring of weight.
Monitoring of waste