Causes of Obesity and Threat to Health

Over Eating without Exercise

Obesity having social implications in society is leading to depression among the fat people. Over eating and under exercising are the main causes of obesity except for certain neurotic or glandular complications.

The bony frame added with muscles and fat controls the shape and appearance of the body. The first element i.e. skeleton is fixed and nothing can be done to reduce it in order to control obesity. So to reduce the obesity the main focal point is the muscles and fat. Obesity or over fat is enlisted in chronic diseases and is associated with other so many diseases leading them to worse consequences.

What is Threat to health by obesity?

Heart Diseases. Obesity has become a major risk factor to health causing heart diseases and stroke. The efforts made for rapid weight loss without medical advice also dangerous for heart patients.

Hypertension and Diabetes. Risk of diabetes, cholesterol and high blood pressure has been increased for the over fat people.

Cancer. The occurrence rate of cancers of different parts of the body is high in obese individuals.

Gall Bladder Diseases. Obesity is included in the causes of gall stones and diseases of the gall bladder.

Obstructive sleep. Due to respiratory problems, sleepiness, lassitude during the day time, slowed mental function are the common problems faced by fat people as compared to individuals having ideal body weight (IBW).

Osteoarthritis, Backaches, Gout Obese/over fat people have to carry extra body weight which results in osteoarthritis, backaches, gout and varicose veins as complications

Main Causes of Obesity

There are so many causes of obesity which can be classified into two major categories; one is called genetic predisposition and the other is named environmental factor.

Genetic Causes of Obesity. As regards to the first reason, some people have a genetic problem by birth that their bodies are inclined to store fats easier in abundance as compared to others. It results in obesity.

Hormonal Disturbance. The second reason for obesity is environmental factor means that some diseases and their medication in some cases disturb the fat distribution in the body. Thyroid diseases created hormonal problem causing disturbance of metabolism and affect weight directly. Use of steroid in medication can cause the obesity and over fat.

Child Obesity Facts. Children suffering from thyroid problems mostly suffer from childhood obesity. So obese children need to be medically examined with respect to their hormonal complications.

Faulty diets. Another reason of overweight is considered unhealthy rich food causing belly fat.In order to get smart selective weight loss foods should be used on the recommendations of qualified health nutrition advisor. Use of vegetables instead of fats and rich food leads to vegetarians weight loss effectively.

Unhealthy Lifestyle. Lack of physical exercise leads to obesity and overweight; so physical exertion and fewer calories diet are key to success to lose weight fast. the best way to lose weight is cut down daily calories intake and increase daily calories consumption by different exercises i.e. butt exercise, leg exercise, arm exercise, belly exercise, body stretching routine and aerobics. It is necessary to cover all the aspects and reasons of obesity before preparing weight loss plans for positive results.

Weight Loss of single body parts

Some people feel that their thighs or abdomen having too much fat only. in order to maintain a flat stomach and quick weight loss of desired body parts they often try to use medicines. Advertisers publicize to provide rapid weight loss by rubber wraps and cellulite pills to improve the appearance of a particular area. Similarly, herbal weight loss is advertised by health companies; but the fact is all the efforts remain unsuccessful until the obesity cause is diagnosed and treated medically.

It is more than a misconception because when a person starts losing fat he loses it equally across all parts of the body. And there is no specific medicine to reduce fat on some particular part or parts of the body. For obesity help exercise is the only way to tone the muscles of a specific area of the body to improve body shape. Sit up exercise is common practice to control flatter stomach is an example of this effect.