Wonderful Vaseline Beauty Tips

vaseline beauty tips

Vaseline is considered a beauty staple and an important item of makeup bag of a girl. Vaseline which is an inexpensive have a number of beautiful uses, out of them a few beauty tricks are mentioned below:-

Lips Care and Beauty-Vaseline

For healthy lips, Vaseline is used as a lip balm for moisturizing and to soothe chapped lips. However, it is not good in its taste while applied on lips.

Stretch marks and Vaseline
Dryness and stretching of the belly Skin always result in stretch marks during pregnancy. Apply Vaseline on your belly during pregnancy to keep the skin moisturized and protected from stretch marks. After pregnancy Vaseline messages can also heal the stretch marks effectively.

Skin Moisturizer-Vaseline
Vaseline is being used for years to hydrate and smoothness of chapped hands and feet. Apply Vaseline on your hands and feet and after that wear gloves and socks, at least wait for 20 minutes to let your skin absorb the Vaseline. Your feet and will be soft, smooth and beautiful resultantly.

Body Moisturizer-Vaseline

For body, moisturizing apply petroleum jelly all over the body after finishing the bath. You will find your skin smooth and soft.

Remove Eye makeup with Vaseline

The most obstinate mascara can be removed easily with Vaseline, leaving the skin smooth and soft.

Make Scrub by Vaseline

No need to purchase costly scrub, it can be prepared by mixing petroleum jelly with sea salt, with very good results.

Use of Vaseline as Night Cream

Vaseline can be used as a night cream. For better results warm it up before using.

Nail polishing Tip-Vaseline

If you feel nail polish color is running, put some Vaseline on the base of your Nail which will stop it running.

Shaving Tip-Vaseline

Before shaving, apply a very thin layer of Vaseline on the area needs to be shaved and carry on without using water. Do not use too much Vaseline to avoid your razor be to plug up. Although Vaseline feels a little bit greasy it will leave your skin soft smooth and moisturized.

Vaseline as High lighter

Use Vaseline to highlight cheeks and under eye area to give dewy look.

Elbows softness with Vaseline

If you apply petroleum jelly on your elbows daily, it will leave your elbows softened and moisturized.

Lip glossing with Vaseline

After applying some lip liner all over your lips, apply some Vaseline to produce instant shine.

Lipstick Tip

You can make your own cream blusher by mixing some Vaseline with lipstick.

Enhance Perfume Fragrance Duration with Vaseline

Before spraying perfume on your wrist apply Vaseline, it will enhance the duration of scent fragrance

Exfoliate Lips with Vaseline

Apply Vaseline on your lips for 5-10 minutes. Then scrub your lips with the help of tooth brush to exfoliate and leaving them very soft.

Safe Hair Dyeing with Vaseline

Before dying hair apply some petroleum jelly around the hairline. Your skin will remain protected from the strong chemicals contained in it and dying color.

Hair Conditioning with Vaseline

Before shampooing the hair apply some petroleum jelly it will work as a hair conditioner.

Smooth Tanning with Vaseline

When applying fake tanning lotions you can avoid uneven tanning by putting some Vaseline on dry spots.

Eyebrows Moisturizing

Apply Vaseline on your eyebrows before going to sleep. It will moisturize your eyebrows with beautiful looking.

Chafing and Vaseline

Protect your Heels and balls of feet from chaffing by applying Vaseline on them. Wear socks for better results.

Use Vaseline as Stains remover

It has a quality to remove makeup stains from clothes.