How To Maintain Wrinkle-Free Lips

wrinkle free lips

Every body desires fuller, sensual and kissable lips without wrinkles. Before finding the answer of how to maintain wrinkle free face or lips we should know that the skin is prone to be affected not only by seasonal changes but also with other harmful factors like pollution, extreme temperatures and chemicals used in cosmetics. Lips are similarly sensitive like our skin and may become wrinkled and dried if lacking moisturizing glands resulting from dehydration. It is known fact that wrinkles are the basic enemy of your complexion and beauty. Like face beauty lips beauty needs proper care and treatment having no exception coming of aging. The basic requirement to prevent any damage to lips beauty is to get awareness about the basic preventive actions to keep wrinkles away from your lips. Here are given some treatments which should be included in our daily skin care routine to protect our lips from wrinkles.


It is the basic requirement of skin as well of lips. Dryness of skin and lips leads to wrinkles and grooves on it. So keep your lips moisturized by applying a good quality moisturizer which will also give a shiny and beautiful look with other health benefits.
One thing should be kept in mind that people with ultra-sensitive complexion require extra care for their skin and lips. While choosing a moisturizer always select organic moisturizer confidently without any bad effects like chemical based.

Avoid Sun Exposure

Long Sun exposure is considered as the greatest promoter of wrinkles and also leads to early aging. The same sun exposure has the same effect on lips. Before taking sun bath apply sun creams on sensitive body parts for protection against ultra violet rays of sun harmful for skin. Always use a lip balm rich in SPF helping protect against environmental bad effects.

Avoid Irritating Foods

If you are already suffering with over sensitiveness and chapped lips, avoid eating an irritating diet which may produce hindrance in the healing process. Don’t drink orange juice and alcohol if your lips are already dehydrated. Similarly, mustard, peppers, barbeque and several beverages have severe bad effects on lips and need to be avoided if possible. Also, care while eating that food should be avoided touching with your lips preventing any irritation or wrinkles.

Improve Water Intake

Nothing can replace water while fighting against dehydration of skin and wrinkles. In order to prolong your youth and slowing aging drink at least eight glasses of water daily. As hydration is the secret of the success to maintain your lips healthy and loving to kiss in all seasons with different harsh conditions.

Homemade Recipe for Lips treatment

It is very simple homemade beauty recipe for lips care. Take some sugar or baking soda and mix it in your lip-gloss, apply it on your lips with the pores of your fingers in circular motions. Wait for 10-15 minutes before washing it off with fresh water in order to maintain healthily and wrinkle free lips.