Makeup and Cosmetic Tips for Young Girls

cosmetic tips

Make up is not an ordinary job but it is an art which need to be learnt and continues practice is required to produce beautiful results. Makeup has an ability to show ordinary figures charming as well as it can ruin the original beauty if it is not completed successfully. The right choice of makeup and cosmetic items is the basic requirement which needs an expert eye to judge the quality and color matching issues. Given tips are very much useful and effective to make you beautiful, charm full and sexy.

Shopping Tip

Keep a white sheet of paper with you while shopping for lip color or eye shadow. You will be able to match colors on the sheet in day light away from artificial lights in a better way.

Perfume Tip

Don’t use a heavy application of any fragrance overwhelming people being close to you. You may use two light formulas together for strong effect. The long lasting effect may also be produced by using a scented body cream and spraying lightly the same fragrance perfume.

Oil-Based Make up Removing Tip

Oil-based makeup can be removed by just using regular cold cream.

Nail Polish Tip

Apply dark nail varnish down the center part of the nail in order to make your nails seem more slender. Take care that edge of the sides of the nail is protected from it.

Lip Stick Tip

If you have deep grooves on your lips and you feel problem while applying lip stick, apply lip stick vertically in stead of horizontally for the desired result.

Mascara Tip

While removing makeup, you may take off any remaining mascara with the help of Q-tips already dipped in a non-oily remover. Run the Q-tip over the eyelashes slightly and wipe out all mascara easily.

Foundation Matching Tip

While shopping if you are already in makeup and need to test foundation color, do not worry; you may test it on your neck or inner arm. Because the skin tone in these areas is very much matching with the face as compared to hand or any other part of the body. The judgment will be more accurate in this way.

Blushing Tip

How to find the best spot to bluish? I tell you, smile widely and note the place where your cheek skin rise in round shape, this is the accurate place for blushing looking very much natural.

Concealing Tip

Concealer is used to fade up some unwanted spots on the face and needs to be long lasting for a perfect impression. Don’t use too much concealer at a time; the best way is to apply it’s more layers one by one using a small quantity.

Oily Skin Toner Tip

If you have oily skin, take care while using a toner that it should not contain alcohol. Alcohol dries out the skin blocking impurities under surface. A toner containing AHA’s are more helpful to smooth the texture of skin.

Oily Skin Moisturizer Tip

For oily skin always use minimum moisturizer or abstain completely if possible. Overuse of moisturizer on oily skin results in sliding away makeup and looking very odd.

Make up Kit Optimizing Tip

Take out your all makeup items and analyze ruthlessly. Throw out anything more than two years old, producing musty odor, liquids have separated or looking any thing dirty, old brushes or sponges. You will have to purchase some new items but in this way, your make up kit will be fully optimized and up to date to meet all the beauty challenges