Summer Beauty Tips

summer beauty tips

In summer like other lifestyle changes, skin and hair care regime also need to be changed according to weather changes. The beauty problems faced during summer are totally different from winter problems. In summer your skin needs more care and protection against problems caused by hot weather, ultraviolet rays, profuse perspiration, and humidity. Here are some simple and practical lifestyle change and beauty tips for looking good in summer.

Wear Sunscreen

Wear sunscreen every day to keep your skin protected against ultraviolet rays and other harmful environmental factors.

Change your Winter Makeup Routine

Due to hot weather and profuse perspiration, winter makeup routine should be changed entirely. In summer always wear light makeup instead of heavy, dark eyeliner and eye shadow. Light colors are more suitable to be used in summer.

Hair Lightening Recipe

In summer season you may have sun-kissed locks naturally. Take lemon juice and water in equal quantity and mix it in a spray bottle. Spray the mixture on your hairs thoroughly and wait for 20-30 minutes sitting in the sunshine to get your hair natural highlights. Then wash your hair off to protect them being sticky.

Use Summer Fruits and Vegetable

In summer eat fruits and vegetable servings daily. Your skin’s health and beauty are very much concerned with your healthy diet. Moreover, you can control your extra weight by eating fruits and vegetables containing very fewer calories, keeping you in good shape and beautiful in swimsuits or bikinis.

Special Skin Care

Body activity remains high in summer season resulting profuse sweating. Profuse sweating is good for skin purification and your health but it causes skin break out more than the winter season. In these circumstances, your face needs to be washed with facial cleanser, never forget to moisturize it daily. Skin break out can be curbed by following skin care regime in summer.

Prefer Biking or Walking

Enjoy summer by walking or biking to small distances like going office in near vicinity or for other similar activities. You may have better physical exercise making you fit and smart for daily activities with best summer body.

Body Care at Beach

Keep in mind to ensure body care treatment before exposing yourself to the sun at the beach. Scrub off any dry or rough skin with sugar to make it smooth and clean.

Avoid Dehydration at Beach

Keep your body hydrated by improving water intake. Sunshine and alcohol have a severe drying effect on the skin. So taking alcoholic beverages while sitting in the sun at the beach is very much harmful to your skin and hair. You need to drink 6-8 glasses of water in order to keep your body hydrated and to maintain healthy skin.

Beach Hairstyle

If you like to convert your hair to beach hairstyle without going to the beach here is a nice tip for you; take two tablespoonfuls of sea salt and a cup of water. Mix the both in a spray bottle and shake well to prepare a fine mixture. Spray the mixture on your hair well and scrunch lightly to give your locks great summery texture as you have visited beach just now.

Legs Beauty Care at Beach

Make sure your legs should be beautiful and attractive before exposing these on the beach. Before going to beach exfoliate your legs skin before shaving it. Take care to get tricky areas like knees to get the perfect sexy texture of your legs.