Sea Salt Beauty Tips

sea salt beauty tips

The basic difference between sea salt and table salt is that sea salt is obtained naturally by evaporating sea water. Modern research has revealed that it is an important substance having a lot of health and beauty benefits. Sea salt has been used so widely in cosmetics, gourmets and beauty products all over the world. Keeping in view its tremendous skin care benefits, it is also used as the bath salt. Here are given main health and beauty benefits with effective and practical tips to use sea salt.

How does it work?

The molecular structure of sea salt is very much closer to the structure of blood cells. When sea salt is applied on the skin, it is absorbed easily into the blood and lymph through the skin. Then it is able to remove old cells, fatty and toxic substances from the blood and lymph, making them purified and healthy.

Sea Salt as Antiseptic

Sea salt has an ability to kill germs effectively, for its antiseptic quality, it can be used for healing wounds. If sea salt is applied on wounds if is painful at first but it stimulates the healing process very much and wound heal much faster as compared to any other skin application.

Healing marks (Scars)

Sea salt is not only a good wound healer but it is the expert in healing without leaving scars on the skin which is a great contribution to skin beauty. So you may add salt to your wounds (is it not wonderful?) to heal them fast and scarless.

Rich in Minerals

More than 90 valuable minerals are found in sea salt including potassium, sodium, chlorine, and magnesium. These minerals are very much effective to increase metabolism rate, having the ability to cleanse your skin deeply and able to act as anti inflammation and anti septic agents to heal skin wounds very fast.

Skin Roughness and Dryness

Sea salt has been proved very beneficial in improving skin barrier function and to cure skin roughness and inflammation. It has been concluded that due to high magnesium content, it is effective to deal with skin roughness and inflammation and it can be used as bath salt for the fresh, smooth, healthy and beautiful skin.

Skin Pores Reduction

Sea salt has a deep effect on boosting the function of sweat and sebaceous glands, it helps reducing skin pore size, removing excessive oily skin, pigmentation or dead skin. Sweat and sebaceous glands are held responsible for removing dead cells in order to enable new skin cells to replace with. Sea salt can replace your old skin clothes with new oneā€¦ wonderful.

Sea Salt as Slimming Salt

For your wonder let me tell that sea salt has been proved as slimming salt because of its fat burning property. Sea salt has been tested by applying on tummy areas, underneath the arm area or hip areas to reduce fat and found producing good results. It is simple to understand that sea salt application on your skin obviously increases metabolism rate which means burning more fat during the process. This is the reason that sea salt is known as slimming salt.