How To Massage Breasts With Herbal Massage Oil?

breast massage with herbal oil

Therapeutically breast massage is not only a pleasurable activity for soothing your body and to relax your mind but it is also an excellent preventive technique from different breast diseases. Massaging helps to keep breasts supple and resilient by increasing flow of lymph fluid and blood circulation. It also helps women to detect any abnormality in size, tenderness or lump in the breasts which may lead to breast cancer. Regular breast massage is necessary for women to achieve following goals.

Goals of Breast Massage

1. Lymphatic system mobilization
2. To reduce adhesions or scar tissues
3. Relieve pain and reduce tenderness
4. Reduce breast discomfort, both physical and emotional, during menses
5. Avoid stretch marks during pregnancy, breast feeding, or weight gaining
6.To build a positive, loving, and sensual relationship with the female qualities of our bodies

Why should use Herbal Breast Massage Oil?

Herbal oil has marvelous effects on breasts for massaging to get positive results. Herbs like Comfrey used to prepare breast massage oil are proved best for healing and strengthening the skin to look gorgeous and beautiful. Similarly, Calendula flowers are helpful in treating fibrocystic conditions besides being useful for the lymphatic system. Another herb known as Lavender is used to prepare breast massage oil has a good quality to improve blood circulation in breasts and also improve immunity.Ā Breast massage oil needs some essential oils in its preparation like Pine and Rosemary essential oil. Pine essential oil contains compounds helpful in destroying cancerous cells and it increases blood flow during breast massage. Ā Rosemary essential oil having qualities of warming, decongesting and stimulating lymph tissues is considered an important ingredient of this magic oil. This marvelous breast massage oil can be prepared at home easily as its recipe is very simple and easy to prepare.

How to Prepare Breast Massage Oil at Home


  • Dried of fresh calendula flowers one ounce,
  • Dried or fresh comfrey leaves one ounce,
  • Almond oil four cups,
  • Lavender essential oil 24 drops,
  • Pine essential oil 12 drops,
  • Rosemary essential oil 12 drops.




Herbal Breast Massage Oil Recipe
Infuse calendula and comfrey leaves in the almond oil and leave it for at least seven days then add lavender essential oil and rosemary essential oil. Mix it and shake well before use.


How to Massage the Breasts?

Take a small quantity of herbal breast massage oil and apply it to your breasts.Ā Hold your breast in with cupping with your hands fully and move your hands in circular direction and keep rotating outward and away from each other.Ā Breast should be capped with whole hands and you should feel moving your breast mass complete beneath your hands. During breast massage, you can move your hand quickly or slowly as you feel good but the motion should be rhythmic. Press boobs with your hands and pulls nipple gently during the massage. Never apply vigorous force as the breast tissues are very soft and fragile. 5 to 10 minutes breast massage daily is sufficient to produce required results, but it may be more frequent if you like.Ā

Breast Massage Schools Dallas Texas

In Dallas Texas, so many breast massage schools have been established to train people on breast massage techniques. Breast massage has become an art which is being popular all over the world day by day. Now it is common to understands the health and beauty benefits of breast massage as compared to past days. Breast Massage Schools have become a new business as well as a necessary health and beauty tool.