What To Know Before Getting Body Tattoos?

body tattoos

Youngsters look crazy in copying mostly all habits and styles of celebrities including body tattooing. Some youngsters get tattooing all over the body including groin area. We should know that tattoo will be with us for whole life so it is important to ensure that tattoo must be looking good as well as well placed on appropriate part of the body. The tattoo is a symbolic representation of your personality and has its hidden meanings nowadays.

Side Effects of Tattoos

In spite of all these facts tattoo, lovers must know the negative impact of tattoos on skin health. Tattoos are designed by piercing the skin with a needle and injecting ink of different color in small amounts. The chances of skin infection are totally corresponding to the artist’s sanitation and equipment sterilization used to design tattoo. Secondly, if you want to remove a tattoo from your body it requires surgery again. In spite of painful surgery which is not only expensive but also carries its own complications. Lastly, there are some sensitive parts of the body on which tattooing is not recommended.

Sensitive Parts of Body for Tattoos

Keeping in view all health related issues the most important question is where on the body should get a tattoo done? Following five areas, considering more sensitive, are unsuitable for designing tattoos on these. So never get tattoos done in these areas.

Lower back

Skin stretches over while designing tattoo and later on looks very sluggish. It looks very odd especially for ladies who like to get tattoos on the lower back as common place.


The neck is very much delicate part of the body which contains numerous blood vessels. So during tattoo designing, any unfortunate slip may cause damage to nerves and vessels which may lead to serious defects like paralysis of any body part or so many other complications.


Being very sensitive body part, getting a tattoo design is very painful which may prone to infections due to use of unclean and not sterilized needle or other relative equipment. So think twice before taking this decision.


The face is not considered an appropriate area for designing tattoos. Face skin is very delicate and exposed part of the body. A Beautiful face can not be replaced with any other beauty; especially in women, it is very much risky. Tattoo designs look beautiful on the plain and tight skin and look very odd on wrinkled skin. With the passage of time and due to tattoo designing surgery skin might have sagged which will make tattoo horrible instead of looking good.

Hands and Feet

Hands and feet are similarly are exposed body part and remain in use mostly. Wearing shoes and daily routine work results in rubbing hands and feet making them worn out along with your tattoo. Tattoo which is designed to look beautiful can destroy your beauty if not placed on appropriate place