Home Tips To Remove Dark Circles

remove dark circles

Dark circles under the eyes, is common beauty problem faced by housewives and those who have to work hard affecting their normal sleeping hours. Other reasons related to faulty diet and unhealthy lifestyle are also present to aggravate the problem. As it is a women beauty issue so market is full of so many costly creams and lotions with high sky claims but the result is not up to the requirement. Here are given some natural tips based on home-made recipes to curtail the dark circles effectively as very low cost.

Use Creams with Vitamin E and C

You may take start with applying creams which contain Vitamin E and C around the eyes on dark circles before going to sleep daily.

Potato Juice

Take a small size of raw potato and grate it to obtain its juice. Soak a cotton ball in potato juice for some time and then place these cotton balls over your closed eyes covering the dark circles under eyes and eye lids at a time. Wait for 10 minutes and then wash out your face with cold water. Apply it twice a day for better results.

Tomato and Lime Juice

Take tomato and lime juice in equal quantities and mix it well. Apply it on your eyes and dark circles with soaked cotton balls. Similarly wash it off after 10 minutes with cold water and repeat it twice a day.

Tomato Juice

Take a glass of tomato juice and put some table salt, mint leaves and mint juice in it and mix it well before drinking. Have the drink twice daily and feel a good change with minimized dark circles and freshness of face skin.

Almond Paste

Make powder of 5-7 almonds then add a little milk to prepare its paste. Crush some mint leaves and add it in almond paste and mix it well before use. Apply this almond paste on dark circles and leave it for 15-20 minutes before washing it off. This will make your skin glowing and remove dark circles with a feeling of freshness and cooling effect to tired eyes.

Beauty Secret

For healthy skin and body it is far most necessary to drink plenty of water 6-8 glasses daily. Besides other health benefits, it will keep your skin hydrated and fresh. Stress free life, physical exercise, healthy diet and sufficient intake of water are the secret of beautiful face and skin.