Pregnant Safety Tips

After getting pregnant, you need some extra care for you and your baby. The early sign of pregnancy is known as amenorrhea (missing period). But the final decision is always related to pregnancy tests. In women’s life pregnancy period (about nine months) is very sensitive and important in connection with health and fitness. During week by week pregnancy stages, so many common complaints have to face by pregnant women. Here are some free women health tips for pregnant in order to protect their health.

Consult the Doctor for Early signs of Pregnancy

Among so many signs of pregnancy, the first pregnancy sign is known as period missing. When ever you find amenorrhea; immediately visit your doctor for tests to confirm pregnancy. Because some times delayed menses are the result of some other illness instead of a sign of pregnancy. If pregnancy is confirmed by a doctor then you are to take care of your health above the normal for yourself and the newborn baby. During this period your diet, your rest, your, sleep and emotional conditions are very much concerned about your health and safe pregnancy. Following pregnancy symptoms are prominent in pregnant women:-

Morning sickness

Due to the smell of food or without any reason, vomiting and nausea are the common sign of pregnancy found in most of the women just after two weeks of commencing the pregnancy. In some rare cases, it prolongs up to six months. If morning sickness persists for a long time, it may cause debility and weakness. Your doctor may help you medically as well as advising suitable pregnancy diet which may save your body from food starvation.

Lassitude and Weariness Feeling

During pregnancy feeling of tiredness and fatigue after little physical exertion is commonly observed. The reason is that your body has to work hard in order to produce hormones and blood supply to your baby. Among the hormones produced during pregnancy; progesterone is depressant causing drowsiness.

Sensitive to Food Smell

During pregnancy, some women feel nausea and vomiting by the smell of certain foods. Craving for un-natural things to eat is also found during this period

Frequent Urination

With the enlargement of the uterus, the pressure is build up on the bladder which causes frequent urination urges.

Constipation Problem

During pregnancy, constipation is common due to hormonal change making the digestive system slow.

Head Pain

Hormonal change affects blood circulation in pregnant women causing mild headaches


Some women feel dizziness or faint in early days of their pregnancy caused by hormonal changes.

Change in Mood

During pregnancy, women change their moods frequently due to hormonal changes occurring in the body. They need extra attention care and love of their family members especially the husband. Irritability fear of some thing to happen and sadness is common changes of mood. Frequently change of mood is also observed.

Breasts Hardness

Due to hormonal change breasts becomes tender and hard during pregnancy. Some times this condition is very troublesome not allowing lying on the chest or even touching is unbearable. Size of the beast also increased. In order to get relief, use good quality bra giving support to breasts be used. This tenderness is temporary and vanishes after some time. Importance of breast feeding is a universal truth; no feed can be compared with breast milk as a healthy and safe source of feed for a newborn baby. Again breast hardness may lead to a painful condition when you stop breastfeeding you, baby. the most helpful tool to solve the problem is considered breast pumps. By breast, pumping is a nice method to relieve the pain at the time of weaning your baby off the breastfeeding.

Pregnancy Stretch Marks

It is the main problem for which the ladies remain very much conscious and get worried about pregnancy stretch marks. Try to keep moisturized your skin with a good quality moisturizing cream. Improve water intake to avoid skin dryness and to get stretch marks.

Sleep Disorder

Being pregnant you may face sleep disorder. Some women feel insomnia due to hormonal change causing mood changes. The movement of the baby may also disturb your sleep during pregnancy. Another common reason for a sleep disorder is the fear of labor found in women expecting their first child. So you need more rest and sleep during this period.

Legs pain

During last trimester of pregnancy, women have to carry extra weight which causes leg pain and some time results into varicose veins.

Labor Pains

The most terrible and painful stage for a pregnant is labor pains during childbirth. The most common question asked is how to avoid labor pains. Labor pains can not be avoided at all, however, its intensity can be lowered medically using pain killers and psychological by counseling.