How to Stop Breastfeeding?

how to stop breastfeeding

Mother is a symbol of true love, who can suffer all troubles in order to keep his child happy, but no pain and cry she can ignore at any cost. It is the very much disturbing time when she has to bear the cries of her innocent child while weaning her off the breast. The baby cries and tries his best to continue his breastfeeding, while mother tries to turn him on an alternative diet. This process is stressful both for the baby and the mother equally.

Do Constant and Gradual Efforts

The secret of success to wean off the breast feeding lies to be gradual and constant in efforts by the mother. During this time baby should be given alternative food sources. Many ladies apply some bitter taste herbs (not injurious to health) on their breast nipple before feeding in order to make the breastfeeding hateful for their child. And tries to make their child understanding that now the milk has become bitter now, so I give you sweet milk in cup or feeder. It is a good psychological strategy to soothe the infant’s mind and to avoid his protest for breastfeeding.

More Love and Affection to Child

During this period child feelings are demanding more affection and love. Because it is the miserable period for a child when he is being weaned off from breast feeding, so extra care and loving behavior is extremely required in order to help him. Meanwhile, the mother has to face the painful condition of his mammary glands due to stopped milk causing swelling, redness and hardness and severe pain. Consult your doctor in order to avoid the painful infection of breasts and its further complications.

Give Alternatives to Your Child

It is better to make habitual your child taking other alternative diets during the lactation period, which always proved helpful in diverting your child from breast feeding to normal diet. Try to arrange healthy nutritional and environmental alternatives for your child according to different situations. Use colorful cups and feeding bottle in order to make it attractive for the child. Try to provide his favorite eatables and toys to divert his attention from breast feeding. Try to produce loathing towards breastfeeding by constant loving indoctrination in order to relax her innocent mind.

Divert his Attention to Playing and other Edibles

To reduce mental irritability and feeling of insecurity caused by weaning off breastfeeding; give more time to the company, play, outing and shopping for her loving things. Try to make the child confident instead of making miserable during this period of anxiety. Keep trying persistently to divert his attention to breastfeeding until you succeed in weaning her away from breastfeeding.