How To Treat Children?

how to treat children

Ideal Love Relation

Love relation between parents and children is the best example of real, ideal, lust less and ideal love. Parents love their children no doubt even having bad relations between husband and wife. It is common that children ignore their parents but they never ignore their children as experienced. The education and moral building of children are very important for all parents. In order to achieve the goal here are some guidelines for the parents for building a healthy loving bond with their children. Talking with children is essential to decrease communication gap with children.

Avoid Communication Gap with Children

Talk with children as much as you can, on each and every topic on minor to major issues, about daily routine matters, their studies, games, likes, dislikes and so on. Give some time for playing games with them, which will reduce their hesitation, shyness and makes them frank with you.

Don’t Ignore Little Problems of Your Child

If you feel that your child is facing some problem, listen carefully and try to solve it. Give appreciation to his good works frequently.

Try to Train Them without Punishment

If they make some mistake don’t behave them like elders; forgive them and teach them about the harmful aspect of their mistake. Don’t give orders like do it or don’t it, try to teach them logically. If they understand the logic they will abide heartedly without any force or under any fear.

Make your Children Social

Teach your children living with the community and encourage them to enhance friendship circle. Children without friends remain reluctant and shy in daily life. Give respect to your children never insult them in front of their friends.

Avoid Physical Punishment

Physical punishment is not better treatment for their mistake. If they commit the mistake to try to counsel them and convince them logically in order to avoid its recurrence.

Avoid Over Expectations from Children

The main reason for parents’ frustration is the over expectations from their children; try to avoid it. Get to gather, eating together with your children results in good relationships within the family. Treat the children like children and don’t expect them like elders to respond.

Don’t Impose Your Decisions

Always give them guidance and teach them about what is right and what is wrong but never force your personal ideas on children to give them the opportunity to think and decide freely. Encourage your children on the problems they face and guide. Make them use to how to learn from mistakes of other.

Remain Fair with Children

Don’t try to cheat the children in any way. Speak the truth and remain fair with them. There should not be any difference in your words and deeds. Children always try to copy their elders and favorite personalities. Parents are an ideal personality for children, so they follow their habits and norms. A smoker has no moral value in his words when he forbids his son for smoking. Character education is very much concerned with actions instead of preaching.