Road Safety Tips For Children

children road safety tips

Independent Movement of Children

Parents never remain with their children forever; the children have to move independently in order to perform daily life activities. Traveling is the most common activity of life to be involved and so many children being innocent don’t know all the ups and downs related to it. Here some useful tips are given to teach newly innocent travelers to ensure their safety.

Train Children to Move Alone

Parents should go with their children to make them conversant with the ways, bus stops, and safe waiting places for some days for training purpose. If they feel the confidence to let their child move alone, do so. On the first day when your child is moving alone keep his discreet surveillance to know about problems he has to face during traveling.

Reserve Pocket Money

Make sure to give them some extra money additional to Pocket Money in order to call back in case of any emergent situation.

Check General Knowledge

Try to check his knowledge by questioning; how would he protect him from different dangers? And correct his understandings if you find something wrong.

Safe Side while walking on Roads

When walking along the road trying to remain on opposite side of coming traffic; you can see and judge any danger without turning back your head.

Be Vigilant on Busy Roads

When walking along a busy road don’t keep reading any book, listening music by headphone or indulging them in any attention diverting activity in order to avoid any accident.

Use of Pedestrian Bridges

Use over or under the bridge (if it is available) to cross the road instead of direct crossing.

Follow the Traffic Signals

Teach them not to cross the road unless the green signal is even they find the road is clear.

Be Sensible About Strangers

Before entering an elevator door, see who is already in? If you feel strange you can wait for next trip and if some strange person comes in an elevator after you; you may come out from the elevator on next floor.

Avoid Eating from Strangers

During journey don’t take and eat any eatable from any stranger and not to go with him at any cost; make loud crying noise if someone tries forcibly.

For Knowledge about Grabbers

Tell them that people use to grab children under different covers of street hawkers, toys sellers, and beggars etc.

Cry for Help without Hesitation

Teach them not to hesitate in crying for help, running to escape and informing to guard or policeman about any danger, they feel. Use common sense and be vigilant about your security during the journey.