Essential Safety Teachings For Children

safety teachings for children

With the passage of time children have to move in society without their elder’s help and caring, so they need some essential experienced based guideline in order to avoid facing any mishap. Here are some tips to be taught to every child before letting him go outside alone.

Vigilance while Walking Alone

Be vigilant and keep an eye on people coming behind you and walking side by side.

Avoid Shortcuts

Don’t try to find shortcut ways through jungle, valleys or other public less places.

Avoid to get Free with Strangers

Avoid talking with stranger and if you feel someone trying to engage you stop him in loud voice so other people may hear and can help you.

Avoid Eating from Strangers

Don’t take any eatables from anyone if anybody insists, you would have it but not to eat at all.

Avoid to Visit Silent Places

Try to stay in areas where other people are present, avoid going at silent places of any building, park or mall.

Remain Away from Parked Vehicles

Be vigilant going near parked vehicles and always try to move with friend groups instead of wandering alone.

Be Aware Helping Points

Awareness of public places from you can get help in any case. Ensure some money with you in order to call back your parents in any emergency situation.

Don’t Visit Public Residential Hotels

Avoid visiting public residential hotels. And keep distance while talking to strangers in order to avoid grabbing.

Save your life at any Cost

Mind it your life is precious than everything, don’t hesitate to drop your burdens (like school bag) when you have to run away to save your life.

Shout for Help

At any moment you feel something wrong you should immediately call for help from any adult near you.