Breastfeeding Tips For New Mothers

new mothers breastfeeding tips

In spite of all misconceptions about breastfeeding, it is a natural gift for a newborn and the best suitable diet plan which can not be replaced with any other diet. Some ladies try to avoid breast feeding on the basis that it may result in sagging and loose breasts; whereas some new moms feel difficulties due to less practical knowledge during breast feeding, for such ladies here are simple and experience based tips regarding breastfeeding and newborn caring.

Eat Healthy and Balanced Diet

Your diet during breast feeding is very important for your infant, so always eat a healthy and balanced diet containing iron, protein, and calcium abundantly. Avoid eating food with too much chilly and condiments which may cause colic pain to your infant.

Feed Frequently

Always feed your infant frequently instead of long intervals, which will help you to maintain milk supply as well as to fulfill your baby feed requirements as he digests easily and needs more feed on short intervals.

Feed with both Breasts

During every breast feed offer both breasts; before changing over the breast, ensure that baby has finished milk from the first breast. You can easily judge that your breast is empty as it feels quite soft and baby also seems unsettled if he stops getting milk.

Avoid Breast Milk Suppression

Never stop your breast milk for long intervals, it may cause painful tenderness and also reduce milk supply. If your baby is not getting breast feed and you are feeling uncomfortable, try to arouse their interest by tingling and stroking his cheeks with breast nipples. Due to any reason if your child is not getting feed you should empty your breasts manually to keep your milk supply normal.

Expressed Breast Milk

Manually expressed breast milk can be kept in a sealed container in your fridge for 3-5 days maximum, for a longer period up to 6 months it can be preserved by freezing it at zero temperature.

Breast milk Leakage

While suffering from breast milk leakage due to stimulation or overflow you should wear breast pads to absorb leaking milk. Breast pads will keep your breast dry and prevent them being soggy which may cause infection. For emergency, you may stop lacking breast milk by applying direct pressure of your crossed arms on breast nipples.

Sore and Cracked nipples

During breastfeeding some ladies get their nipples sore or cracked which may due to incorrect positioning or latch of the baby, which may need correcting. However, consultation with your health advisor can not be ruled out to get proper treatment of painful nipples.

Feed your Baby in Comfortable Position

Always adopt a comfortable position while feeding your baby, lying position is considered more comfortable as you feel more relaxed as well as your baby. Be relaxed during breastfeeding and keep your baby massaging politely during feed improving his enjoyment and interest.

Special Care

While breastfeeding ensures that baby’s mouth should not be too pressed with breast as it may cause suffocation or making difficult for him to breathe. Secondly, keep baby’s head high during breastfeed so the milk may be swallowed easily without causing coughing our obstruction in respiratory organs.

Eructation Technique

Obviously baby sucks air during breastfeeding which needs eructation; very easy technique you may apply that is “carry your baby in arms putting him close to your body (just like hugging style) and remain standing or walking, for a while, palpating his back very gently.

Avoid Dehydration

Always keep your body hydrated and drink plenty of water as your liquid requirement is more than normal in breastfeeding period.