Electric Shock Safety Tips for Kids

electrical safety for kids

In this modern life the development of electrical equipment used at homes has made it very much important to create awareness in our children to ensure electrical safety. In order to avoid any electrical accident, there are two safety aspects; one is physical protection measures and the second one is aware of the electrical threat including the adoption of proper procedures to use any electrical equipment. With the following electrical safety tips, you may start your kid’s education on the topic which will help the kids stay secure and safe.

Use Socket Covers

When making homes, one thing should be ensured that electrical sockets should be kept high enough that innocent kids could not reach there. If it is not possible to change the electrical socket locations then buy a hard-wearing socket covers and make your electrical sockets secure in order to prevent your kids getting shocked from any wall outlet.

Hide Electrical Sockets

For the temporary security of electrical sockets, you may place your furniture items in front of electrical sockets making them hide visually to your kids.

Secure Use of Electrical Equipment

Never allow your young kids to use electrical appliances when they are alone. You may train them in your own supervision for making them conversant with the accurate use of electrical appliances.

Teach Basic Safety Precausions

To make your children educated on electrical shock security teach them basic safety precautions like keep away your electrical appliances from water, not peel off insulation of the cord, avoid inserting damaged plugs into electrical sockets, don’t touch electrical appliances with wet hands and also forbade them to use electrical appliances in bathrooms.

Electrical Power Lines

Make your kids aware that they must not go near the electrical power lines if they find them fallen on the ground. Never try to touch the electrical poles while passing them on the way.

Maintain Good Condition of Electrical Appliances

Always use electrical appliances of good quality and of reliable companies made. Also, ensure their serviceability and if you find any problem with electrical appliances, immediately it should be rectified or its use must be ceased.