How To Protect Children From Accidental Drug Poisoning?

Risk of drug poisoning amongst infants and young children can be lowered by taking necessary safety precautions. Parents should become vigilant when their child starts creeping; it is the most vulnerable time for any mishap including drug poisoning. In this age, the child has too much inclined to hold every thing and tries to put it in the mouth. It is difficult to make the child understood the difference between useful and harmful substances before the age of 3 years. To ensure baby health safety following points should be kept in mind in daily life.

Medicines / Chemicals at Homes

It is common practice that medicines are kept in houses, obtained from hospitals or purchased from markets in order to available at any odd time. These medicines including antiseptics, lotions and liquid balms, acids, perfumes, liquid bleach or any other harmful substances may result in serious cases of poisoning and accidental death of innocent children.

In order to avoid any mishap following safety measures are essentially required to be taken;-

Un-necessary Medicine Storing

Avoid unnecessary storing medicines in houses; keep all harmful substances out of reach of children.

Place Medicines under Lock and Key

All medicines required to keep at home should be kept under lock and key.


Safe Disposal

Due to broken seal partially used medicines become useless with the passage of time and may get expired before prescribed time period. So discard such partially used medicine instead of storing it for future use, in order to avoid any mishap.

Storing Un-used Medicines

Unused medicines should always be returned to dependent hospitals so the medicine can be brought in use for other patients (after ensuring its seal and expiry date).

Discard Spoiled Medicines

If you feel any change of color in syrup/lotion/eye drops/ ear drop is sufficient to cause to discard the same.

Safe Administration of Medicines

Great care is required to be observed during the period of using medicine; never let the medicines to be left here and there especially in the presence of children or infants.

Medicinal Awareness to Youngers

Teach children in the age 3 or more about the medicines and its safety precautions.

Avoid Self-medication

Always consult your doctor regarding any health problem and avoid self-medication/indiscriminate use of drugs in the house.

Drug Poisoning

In case of accidentally drug poisoning, try to find out the poisonous substance galloped; because the treatment/neutralization of different substances like a strong acid, alkalis, petroleum is differently administered according to the nature of the substance.

Avoid Delay in Getting Treatment

In case of drug poisoning immediately remove the patient to the hospital along with the empty bottle of drug taken for further laboratory tests, without any loss of time.