How to Prevent Swine Flu?

What is H1N1 Virus?

Swine flu is an infection caused by different types of Swine Influenza virus or viruses. The most common effective virus is known as H1N1. Swine flu is also known as pig influenza, swine influenza, hog flu or pig flu.

How H1N1 Spreads?

The disease is very much infectious and is transmitted through sneezing, coughing and sitting near the patient without wearing masks.

Safety Precautions against Swine Flu

In order to avoid swine flu great care is required in respect of the patient and the attendant persons including hospital staff. Here are give useful guidelines for protection against Swine flu and its complications;

Consult your Doctor

As soon as common symptoms of influenza seem to be appeared, consult your doctor in order to get real disease diagnosed.

Wearing Masks

Build up your habit to cover the mouth and nose with handkerchief while sneezing and coughing in order to avoid the viruses spread in air causing diseases to your fellows. Also wear dust mask to protect your self from dirt, sebum and viruses freely moving in polluted air.Â

Wash your Hands

Hands being more touching part of body are to be washed properly after touching, sneezing, coughing or dealing the effected persons.

Use of Warm Water and Anti Septic

Use warm water for washing hands with anti septic soap, alcohol based hand gel may also be used to clean hands instead of warm water if not available.

Avoid Public Places

If you are caught by some infectious disease (like Swine Flu), it is better for you to say at home in order to get treatment and avoid mingling with other persons making possible to control your disease spreading in the community.

Special Care for Patients

Swine Flu patients should avoid spitting or cleaning nose at public places; use washrooms and drain out the secretion completely and wash hands with antiseptic soap.

Avoid Sharing Common use Items

In case any one of your colleague is infected by swine flu avoid remaining close for long time and during visit keep your breathing protected with mask. Also avoid using any thing like towel, handkerchief already in use of the patient.

Ensure Vaccination

Proper vaccination for all infectious diseases is to be ensured as safety precaution. It helps preventing diseases by increasing immunity of the body. Newborns and children must complete vaccination courses in order to avoid being victims of different diseases in future.

Medicine while Traveling

During traveling keep required medicines with you and be sure about the places where it can be available for any emergency situation. Small medical kit should be kept and maintained with your vehicle in order to meet any first aid requirement.

During Swine Flu epidemic

Extra care is needed with respect to your meeting with infected person. Your safety measures regarding sneezing coughing and touching always helps to prevent the disease to being spread and gives more health protection for you.