Prevention Tips Hepatitis A and E

 Consult your Doctor
Whenever the symptoms like loss of hunger yellowness of eyes, feelings of out-of-sorts lassitude appear, immediately consult the doctor for early diagnosis and treatment of suspected disease.

Hygiene. Sanitary and hygienic conditions should be improved in daily life.

Over Crowding. Avoid over crowding of people in sleeping rooms if it is unavoidable practically, try to use head to foot arrangement of beds.

Healthy Cooking Staff. Cooking houses and food supplying companies should ensure that their Cooks have not suffered from hepatitis with in last six months.

Awareness. Education and awareness of personal hygiene are necessary for all people, especially for food handlers in society.

Flies Protection. Full protection from flies to be provided to all foods and drinks.

Fly Proof Environment. Cooking premises, dining places, community halls should fly proof in all respects.

Avoid Open sources Eating. Avoid eating and drinking eatables being sold in the markets openly.

Wash out Fruits/Vegetables. Proper washing and cleanliness should be ensured of fruits and raw vegetables before eating.

Fumigation. Insect killing measures and fumigation of the living premises be carried out regularly.

Use Boiled Milk. Fresh milk provided by farms should be boiled before use.

Utensils Cleaning. Good detergents should be used to clean the utensils.

Health Awareness. Health education should necessary at all levels.