Prevention Tips Hepatitis B and C

Keeping in view the precautions regarding HAV and HEV; some extra or additional safety measures are to be taken as follows:-

Avoid Self-Medication

In order to get treatment of any serious disease consult the qualified doctor instead of self-medication or getting treatment from paramedics and quacks.

Injection Safety

In case of minor illness where oral treatment is available; try to avoid all kinds of injections. If the injection is un-avoidable then ensure that a new good quality disposable syringe is to be used and destroyed in your presence after use.

Avoid Un-Safe Surgery

Great care is required during minor surgery, dental surgery gynecological examinations, cosmetic surgery, circumcision, acupuncture and making tattoos as it may be risky.

Spouse Vaccination

The spouse of the patient of hepatitis B & C needs to be vaccinated if not exposed already. In order to avoid sexual transmission of the disease tries to avoid extra-marital sexual relations.

Blood Screening

Un-necessary blood transfusion may be avoided if it is necessary then ensure proper blood screening for hepatitis B and C to be carried out before its transfusion.

Avoid Sharing Personal Items

Avoid sharing of personal items like tooth brushes, shaving razors etc.

Safety Precautions for Hospital Staff

The hospital staff treating such type of patients should observe extra care by using gloves, masks, protective clothing and eye covers during handling of patients and infective material.

Newborn Vaccination

Newborn babies should vaccinate for hepatitis B and C in case the mother is the victim of the disease.