How To Prevent-Flu And Colds?


Now –a-days getting the flu or catching a cold has become very much dangerous, because the new types of these diseases may even lead to death. It is necessary to find the ways to prevent us from flu and colds. Some years ago it was common diseases, but presently these can not be ignored to prevent from viruses causing flu by all means.

How to Prevent Flu and Colds?

The prevention can assure by two means; first building up our immune system and the second one to avoid viruses by changing lifestyles and adopting some safety precautions.

What is Immune System?

Naturally, the immune system of our body is held responsible to fight against all germs, viruses, and bacteria to maintain the state of health and it works like a barrier between disease and health. But the functioning of the system is obviously defected by so many factors that sometimes the immune system does not react against the disease at the required standard; the body has to suffer the disease. To keep the highest level of functioning of immune system healthy nutrition and vitamins have the key role in daily life. Following tips and techniques are helpful to prevent from flu and colds.

To boost up your Immune System

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables To improve vitamins deficiency, eat fresh fruits and vegetables daily.

Use of Vitamins Vitamin C and other vitamins required helpful to prevent flu and colds can obtain by eating citrus fruits.

Food Quality Don’t compromise on the quality of food, the quantity may be.

Balanced Diet Diet should be balanced and according to your body requirement in different season/weather.

Safety precautions before and during flu and colds

Proper Dress Wear proper dress according to the weather requirements. To prevent from cold air appropriate clothing is the first thing to have come in mind.
Avoid Meeting Affected People Viruses can spread easily through the air so it is advisable to remain at a distance from affected personnel of flu and cold.

Use of Handkerchiefs Uses disposable handkerchief/tissue papers while sneezing and coughing and throw away it before washing your hands so that microbes may not be spread in the air.

Wash Fruits Before Eating To avoid microbes, wash fruits and vegetables completely, this practice will protect your health from so many diseases caused by microbes.

Wash Hands Before Eating Don’t eat any thing without washing hands. Our hands touch and polluted by so many bacteria and viruses during a day. So before every meal wash your hands with anti-bacterial soap and not use any towel to dry your hands in order to keep them clean.

Try to avoid the crowd. Avoid traveling in crowded buses and to visit crowded places because virus’s transfusion is unavoidable at these places.

Wear Masks If you have to visit a crowded/polluted place or any hospital where you feel the possibility of viruses, wear the proper mask to keep safe your breathings.

Consult Your Doctor Last but not least thing; immediately consult your doctor as early as possible when you feel infected by flu or cold. Don’t adopt self-medication to fight against it. As early you report the doctor sick, will result in proper medication and rapid cure.

Prevention is better than cure, A Stitch in time saves nine and Health are wealth is well-known proverbs which can make you understand the importance of above-stated safety precautions.