How do I start Trim Healthy Mama?

How do I start Trim Healthy Mama? 

Trim Healthy Mama Tips
  1. Cut out sugar in all its forms.*
  2. Stay away from refined wheat products.
  3. Avoid white potatoes when trying to lose weight.
  4. Remember to eat every 3-4 hours!
  5. Drink LOTS of water or “sipper” drinks between meals and snacks.
  6. Every meal or snack starts with protein.
  7. Eat lots of non-starchy vegetables!**

What do you eat on Trim Healthy Mama? Trim Healthy Mam embraces healthy carbs such as brown rice, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, quinoa, and sprouted or sourdough bread, while keto does not. Keto can be very restrictive, often requiring you to count net carbs in vegetables, etc. Trim Healthy Mama does not count carbs, calories, or points!

How do I plan a meal at THM? 

How to plan meals on THM
  1. Come up with 2 breakfast options that sound good to you.
  2. Plan to eat leftovers for lunches.
  3. Make a list of S, E, and FP snacks to keep on hand for the week.
  4. Write down a dinner main dish and side or two for each night of the week.

What can you not eat on Trim Healthy Mama? There aren’t any “banned” food groups in THM—fruits, vegetables, carbs, protein, and healthy fats all get a pass. The main rule of the diet is that you shouldn’t eat carbs and fats at the same time.

Can you eat fruit on THM?

Fruit is most welcome while doing Trim Healthy Mama! You just need to make sure it’s in the right setting. Most fruit is totally acceptable in an E setting.

How long does it take to lose weight on Trim Healthy Mama?

In 4 months, I only managed to lose 14 lbs. In February of 2015, I discovered the Trim Healthy Mama eating plan and figured it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try. This literally saved my life. The weight began to effortlessly drop, and by July, I had lost an additional 56.8 lbs!

Can you eat dates on trim healthy mama?

Wrong, it is! It isn’t encouraged to eat a lot of dried fruit on THM but is allowed in small amounts. When fruits are dried the sugars become concentrated making them quite high in carbs, which is why you have to watch how much you eat, as it would be easy to spike your blood sugar.

Can you have milk on trim healthy mama?

Almond milk (or other milk alternative) – Technically, dairy milk is not “on plan” with THM if you’re aiming for weight loss because, as the authors state, it is a “natural crossover” containing both carbohydrates and fat.

Can you eat honey on trim healthy mama?

Real food, like honey and bananas, are off limits.

If you are struggling to lose weight, honey is not your friend. THM does NOT say that it is a forbidden food, but it is put in it’s proper place.

Can you have cheese on THM?

Although you can’t have full-fat cheese in your E meals (too much fat), enjoy it fully in your S meals — fried eggs, meat with salad. (In your E meals, use cottage cheese or yogurt as toppings instead.)

Is Greek yogurt on Trim Healthy Mama?

The Oikos Greek Yogurt company must love the Trim Healthy Mama community. They launched their Triple Zero stevia sweetened Greek Yogurt recently and all of us THM’s have gone crazy over it, literally wiping it from shelves and hoarding it – cackling gleefully over our stashes!

Is hummus THM friendly?

Traditionally, hummus is made with chickpeas/garbanzo beans (carbs) and tahini (fat). But, since it contains both carbs and fats, that makes it a “cross-over” food in Trim Healthy Mama. While “cross-overs” (also called “XO”) are allowed in THM, they are not as conducive to weight-loss.

How often do you eat on Trim Healthy Mama?

Space Out Meals

Lucky for us, Trim Healthy Mamas get to eat fairly frequently, every 2.5 – 4 hours. 2.5 hours is the minimum you need to wait between eating carbs and fat, and it is recommended that you wait no longer than 4 hours past your last meal to eat again.

What is the fastest way to lose weight on Trim Healthy Mama?

The very first THM book mentions starting off the THM diet with 2-3 days of only S meals (low carb, healthy fats) to use up all of your stored glucose and kickstart fat burning (page 112). For the fastest weight loss, it advises that you follow those S days with 1-1.5 days of just E meals (low fat, healthy carbs).

Is THM the same as keto?

Lately however, we are constantly asked about the differences between keto (which is ultra-low carb) and THM. The biggest difference is that THM embraces all three macronutrients . . . fats, carbs and protein.

What religion are the Trim Healthy Mama sisters?

With their quirky exchanges and upbeat New Zealand-meets-Australian accents, it’s not hard to see how the former Christian recording artists have built an ever-growing following of women around the world. Trim Healthy Mama is a self-published New York Times, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon best-selling cookbook.

Is THM carb cycling?

Yes. For many people, the Trim Healthy Mama diet has been a great way for them to lose weight and gain health. It’s considered safe for diabetics because it focuses on healthy blood sugar levels. Weight loss ideally comes from carb cycling, and leaving 3 hours in between the different types of meals.

Is Trim Healthy Momma a MLM?

Please read my disclosure. People notice that I am a THM certified lifestyle coach and that I like to promote Trim Healthy Mama’s products, so they wonder if THM is yet another MLM (Multi-Level Marketing scheme, like Avon, Young Living, etc.). The answer is NO. It most definitely is not.

What is an S helper THM?

S helpers are weight loss friendly for those who are seeing a good pattern of loss, and who have been on plan for a while (at least a couple of months). Or, they can also be useful for anyone who has blood sugar issues after a full E meal…it allows you to enjoy healthy carbs in smaller portions.

How many carbs can you have in a THM s meal?

The S Meal is comprised of protein (fatty or lean) + good fats + nonstarchy veggies. It’s the fats that make it an S meal. Carbs are limited to 10 net grams or less per serving and may come from dairy, berries, tomatoes, or up to ¼ cup of canned beans.

What does DF mean in trim healthy mama?

Pearl and Serene offer quite a few dairy-free recipes in their cookbooks (they’re labeled DF at the top corner of the page). I also know there are Facebook support groups and THM food blogs who make a lot of their recipes dairy-free.