Health Benefits of Mango

health benefits of mango

Mango is known as the king of fruits in Asian countries. It is not only a delicious fruit but also contains such vitamins minerals, acids, and fiber by which it has been proved to be a powerful antioxidant. Here are some it is main health benefits which can be gained besides its delicious taste:-

Eye sight enhancement

Carrots are known having an effect on eyesight enhancement, but children don’t like carrots to eat. Ok, let them eat mangoes instead of carrots. It is amazing that a bowl of mango provides almost 25% of Vitamin A, a child needs each day.

Cancer Prevention

Mango contains phenols, this phenolic compound has powerful antioxidant and anticancer abilities. Additionally, 76 % of the vitamin C of your body requirement daily is contained in each mango. Vitamin C due to its antioxidant quality helps protect body cells against free radicals’ damage resulting in reducing cancer risk.

Prevent obesity

Mango contains a sufficient quantity of fiber, which causes slow absorption of sugar into the blood stream; helps reducing appetite, maintain blood sugar levels resulting in controlling body weight. When the fiber passes through intestines it also eliminates a number of harmful fats of the body. Mango is also valuable to combat acidity and poor digestion.

Bone fractures

By eating mangoes we get vitamin K which accelerates the speed of healing bones’ fractures. Biochemical process in the body to make binding of calcium to bones need vitamin K.

Defeat Infertility

If you are expecting or planning to have a baby, folic Acid, a kind of Vitamin B is an essential element to help increase fertility in males and females. Here again, mangoes are prominent as nutritional supplements to added to your diet as it is a rich source of Folic Acid and iron also preventive to anemia and birth defects of newborn.Â

Anti depression and stress

Being a rich source of vitamin B1, mango is called anti-stress fruit by dieticians. Vitamin B1 having the quality to enhance body immune system is proved helpful against depression and stress.

Heart Diseases

Being a rich source of vitamin A(beta-carotene), E and Selenium mango help to protect against heart disease and other complications by preventing the formation of homocysteine ( an amino acid in the blood) in the body.

Lower Cholesterol level

Mangoes help to maintain cholesterol level normal due to its main ingredient fiber.


About 257mg of potassium is contained by each bowl of mango which is helpful to lower the blood pressure.