How to Make your Matrimonial Life Happier?

A partnership in marriage means that both partners say “we” instead of “I” and “our” instead of “my” with the exception that official business is the husband’s concern only. A partnership, however, does not mean that one or the other cannot have any liberty of thought or action. Partnership and domination do not go hand in hand. Always remain loving and caring for each other, this is the key to success. Hadrat Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) Quote ” Do you love your creator? Love your fellow-beings first.”
A happier household and a stronger partnership is likely to emerge when:-

A husband does not

Give orders (You should confine orders to your professional career).
Drop ashes from cigarettes, cigars, or a pipe on the floor or furniture.
Bring someone home for a meal or overnight stay without advance notice.
Interrupt his wife’s story – or anyone else’s.
Forget to compliment his wife when she merits it.
Criticize his wife’s appearance, or anything else about her, in front of others.
Compare his wife’s cooking unfavourably with another’s.
Leave a razor lying around un-cleaned; drop a wet towel on the bathroom floor, or leave the toothpaste uncapped.
Forget anniversaries.
Toss a cap or coat on the chair or sofa, or forget to hang up his clothing.

A wife does not

Act “bossy” or nag.
Gossip or tell personal, official or business affairs to others.
Interrupt her husband’s story.
Forget to compliment him when he deserves it.
Visit her mother too often, or have too many in-laws as house guests.
Become jealous of her husband’s time, classmates/ course mates, or long-time friends. (He should not be jealous of her friends either)
Decide abruptly when to leave a party or any social function (She should consult her husband first).
Overdress or dress carelessly at functions.
As partners, husband and wife should never belittle each other. Any family dissension should be discussed in private, but not before the children or a servant. It should be a matter of personal pride for both to be as neat and attractive, and as mentally stimulating after marriage, as before.