Happiness Guide for Innocent Wives

In Eastern countries the list of responsibilities of a house wife is very long as compared to western wives. They have to look after all family members and their needs. They find very less time for their own because they spend all the day in different house chores like cooking, washing, cleaning, ironing, so and so… They remain busy all the day find no time of relaxation for them and ultimately suffer from depression, stress, and other psychological problems. Here are given some tips for ladies for their awareness, how they can lead happy and easy life without making anyone annoyed;-

The Most Important

I put a very simple question, who is the most important in your life? Answers may be different from mother, father, brother, sister, own kids, hubby or any one else. All is incorrect; the correct answer is YOU. You are the most important in your life. If you are fit, healthy and fresh, you can look after your all relations at the level best.

Be Happy at your own

You are held responsible to remain happy with your own efforts. Don’t wait for any relation who will try to make you happy. Try to find out the ways to enjoy and participate actively in all happy events.

Take Initiative to Make Others Happy

It is a big mistake to wait for your hubby for making you happy, you can do the same. Always keep trying heartedly to remain happy and to make and keep happy your hubby and other family members, ultimately you will become popular, respectful and win the hearts of the whole family. And if you remain to wait for somebody to make you happy, you will feed up soon. If you feel that both of you have become so busy in your routine works and find no time for each other, give up all works, go and give him a big hug with kissing. Then come back to your routine work. You will find the magical result.

Accept Each Other as Individuals

In matrimonial life a number of clashes and tensions may be resolved if both life partners accept that they are two individuals having their own peculiarities in habits, likes/dislikes, thinking style and mood. They have to accept and respect rather trying to change each other. Every flower contains a unique fragrance, so enjoy it.

Don’t be Inquisitive all the Time

Try to remain calm and happy without being conscious about trifles. If you feel your hubby’s mood is off, try to find out the reason very politely, if he shares his problem very nice and if he doesn’t, don’t be inquisitive or insist him to share. Simply let it go and wait for a good time. After some time when you feel better your hubby’s mood, try to let him know that you want to listen to him but never insist to tell you the reason. If not shares let him go and remain calm in all respects. Never try to guess the reasons why he is angry and feeling miserable or making excuses for non-visible mistakes. He will be ok after some time or days. Don’t worry and never feel guilty until you are convinced about your mistake.

Never Pass Derogatory Remarks

What ever the situation is faced, never pass derogatory remarks about any family member while explaining yourself, especially about close relatives of your hubby. Hubbies are very sensitive in this matter. Always remain respectful for his respectable relations.

Magic words “Sorry” and “Thank You”

Don’t hesitate to accept your mistakes without making lame excuses and to say sorry immediately. You will really feel your life very easy and comfortable if you adopt thanking behavior and saying sorry on pity mistakes. The word sorry always makes you most respectable boosting your honor. You can win hearts of all by using these two magic words frequently as a habit.

Don’t be Obstinate

If you feel your hubby angry, it doesn’t mean to give him same response being angry of silent. You must follow your normal routine of laughing, joking, making happy and what so ever you do. You will find that he would not remain in this mood if you are moving around him with happy mood. Surely he will follow you; you are not to follow his bad mood. Keep in mind that all your fights should be resolved in bed. Surrender in front of your hubby and win his heart, you give in, is actually your victory.

Express Yourself

If you feel any problem don’t be late to share it. If you are upset and you feel that you are unable to convey your feelings in a better way by talking, write a letter to your hubby, mentioning all your complaints and express your point of view clearly. This is the best option to convey your feelings without any interruption and has good effect. Because sometimes your hubby doesn’t want to listen to you for different reasons, so if you write him he will surely read and understand your point of view.

Be Moral Symbol for your Kids

Your family environment is the basic molding factor of your kid’s personality. They want to see you happy and confident and they follow your habits and thinking style in their life more than your verbal guidance. So it is necessary to portrait yourselves in front of kids as confident, loving, caring and cheerful parents for the improvement of their personality.