Golden Tips to Become Smart and Slim

Here are given very simple and effective tips for fat people to cut down their weight. The key point to be kept in mind is that weight increase is not an over night problem; it increases and decreases gradually. So be patient, determinant and persistent to your weight loss plan in order to get positive results.

Golden Weight Loss Tips

Cut Fats Avoid fats in your food. Fish, flesh, fowl can be replaced with eggs and pulses to obtain protein without fats.

Don’t Haste Eat slowly with full attention; avoid doing any work during eating, like TV watching or other activities.

Water Intake Drink at least 8 glass of water daily.

Use Alternates Replace your meat, cheese, and starches with vegetables and fruits.

Yogurt Use yogurt instead of frozen ice cream.

Regular Exercise Keep your exercise kit with you while traveling

Avoid Protein Use eggs white only to avoid extra protein.
Include fruit in daily intake.

Eat when Hungry Try to distinguish between hunger and craving for some thing eating; eat when you feel hungry and avoid craving.

Avoid Overeating Leave eating a little before satiation.

Water Intake Drink water to quench your thirst before eating instead of after the meal.

Don’t Drink Avoid alcohol totally; otherwise, limit its consumption in order to avoid having many calories.

Aerobics Do aerobic (which cause increased your breathing and heart rate) exercise daily.

Slow and Steady Start physical fitness exercises gradually and go from easy to tough with the improvement of your body strength.

Accurate Reading The most accurate reading of your weight can be taken in the morning after visiting the bathroom, before breakfast.

Breakfast Don’t skip breakfast in order to get your weight reduced; it had the bad effect.

Avoid Sweets Use as fewer sweets as you can; sufficient once a week.

Careful Shopping Avoid unnecessary shopping food items; be restricting to your shopping list.

Herbal Weight Loss Some herbs like Phytolacca Berry is well known for quick weight loss.

Vegetables Eat vegetables daily.

Walking Habit Build walking habit in order to reduce your stress and anger.

Creamless Milk Use milk without cream to maintain your calcium balance of the body.

Fiber intake Eat raw fruits, vegetables, whole meal bread to improve fiber intake.