Role of Exercise in Body Fitness

Poor Blood Circulation

Millions of people suffer from poor blood circulation irrespective of their age group. Blood circulation role in health and fitness of the body can not be ruled out. Think, if blood circulation to any part of the body is stopped what will happen; serious damage to that part or complete death is the result. After getting good quality food and proper rest and sleep, the only remaining thing which comes to mind is the exercise.

Role of Exercise

Physical exercise is very much helpful to improve poor blood circulation. It is amazing that there are so many young people having cold / numbed hands and feet, without physical exercise.

From Light to Hard

It should be clear in mind that exercise is only effective when diet and rest of the body are considered sufficient, another wise heavy exercise may harm your health instead of doing good. So it is advised for debilitated people to start from simple and easy exercises and should increase them with the improvement of their body strength. In order to avoid doing exercises wrongly and to face their bad effects, consultation with competent health trainer is mandatory.

Healthy Environment

Before doing any exercise it is necessary that it should be performed in open air place or near window or door, opening outside in order to get fresh air for inhalation. Here are given some simple and effective exercises to start living healthy;-

Deep Breathing Exercise.
Vitalic Breathing Exercise
Chest Breathing Exercises.
Leg Raising Exercises.
Advanced Leg Exercises.
Back Strengthening Exercises.
Feet Exercises.
Neck Exercises.
Stretching Exercises.