Deep And Vitalic Breathing Exercises

Deep Breathing Exercise


This exercise may be done on floor or any couch

Lie flat on your back

Place your hands at your sides and relax

Keep your mouth close Inhale through your both nostrils, slowly and deeply; as deep as you can.

Hold up your breath in chest for few seconds

Exhale slowly and rhythmically through the nostrils.

Repeat this exercise 5 times and gradually increase to 10 times on improving your strength.

To get good results repeat this exercise morning and night. Repeat the same exercise through each nostril separately by blocking the other nostril with your finger.

Advantages This exercise have a good effect to develop chest muscles and to develop abdominal muscles. The sense of well being is provided and stress and tension are released through this exercise immediately. For better results do this exercise slowly with rhythm. If circumstances don’t allow lying down for exercise, you can do it in standing position near the opened window.

Vitalic Breathing Exercise


Inhale deeply through your nostrils, keeping your mouth close.

Exhale the air from your mouth in repeated short expulsions.

Advantages.These exercises are so simple that no special position has to adapt to perform it. These exercises can be done at any time, anywhere during working at workplaces during traveling or standing near your window. When ever you feel tense under any stress and you want to relax immediately this exercise is very much helpful and effective.

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