7 Best Foods to Loose Belly Fat

The craze to shaping up size-zero like celebrities is developing in youngsters which some times results in starvation of food by skipping meals. Skipping meals is not only a single solution of belly fat rather it may lead to other health issues. Keeping in view the body requirements a healthy diet is necessary for good health and fitness. You may obtain good results of shaping up your tummy by simply adding some particular foods in your daily diet and you will feel losing the belly fat gradually and naturally. One important thing must be remembered that all these foods work well when taken in natural form.


Sprouts containing proteins, fiber, essential nutrients, and minerals are a very best addition to your diet. Sprouted beans, green leaf sprouts, radish sprouts can serve you a good eating to reduce weight as it is found a good filler of stomach to control excessive hunger.


Yogurt contains proteins, calcium and pre-biotic bacteria which help to keep your digestive system ok. If yogurt should be added to daily diet it will overhaul your body fat-burning engines resulting in fast weight loss, and flat tummy.


Carrots which are very low in fats and calories and considered helpful to satisfy your hunger without any burden. It also contains complex carbs, antioxidants, vitamins A and B and fluid dense which are the important ingredients of a healthy diet which help you feel full and removes constipation and gas trouble. Carrots are slow digesting due to its high fiber which will keep you satiated for a long time.


Oats contain soluble and insoluble fiber helping to absorb nutrients better comparatively. Stomach remains full for a long time due to soluble fiber in oats which fills up the stomach by creating gels and keep you satiated for more hours.


Spinach, which is low in calories and contains fiber, vitamin K, B2, C, A, B1, iron, and folate is found suitable food to control weight. It’s one of the healthiest vegetables which also keeps you stay full for a long time making you away from hunger. Many dishes can be made with this vegetable according to your taste.


Eggs which are naturally a good source of amino acids, proteins as well as very low in calories are proved to help fat loss. More calories are burnt via digestive action due to egg whites which force the body to produce glucagon that stabilizes sugar level in blood and maintains muscle tissues lean.

Green Tea

In connection with fat burning a cup of green tea can do wonders by increasing metabolism and lowering body cholesterol levels. Green tea contains catechin polyphenols (a powerful antioxidant) which are a good accelerator of weight loss and fat burning.