Why Weight Loss Is Necessary?

Common Causes of Obesity

Body weight is determined by certain factors i.e. height, genetic makeup, metabolism, behavior, and environment. But generally common causes of over weighting are lack of exercise, sedentary life style, poor eating habits and casual attitude towards health and fitness.

Poor Personality Look

Apart from giving a poor personality impression, obesity increases an individual’s risk for heart diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus, gallbladder diseases, arthritis, some types of cancers, lung’s problem and sluggishness of the whole body.

Benefits of Weightloss

Maintaining a healthy weight has many benefits including improvement in physical health, physical mobility, general mood, self-confidence, and having more energy to enjoy life. Even a modest weight loss in obese is likely to produce health benefits such as improvement in blood pressure, blood cholesterol, and blood sugar. Therefore, reaching and maintaining correct weight is good for overall health and helps prevent and control many diseases.

How to Maintain Healthy Weight?

Maintaining a healthy weight requires keeping a balance between dietary intake and energy requirements. One must balance the calories he gets from food and beverages with the calories he uses to keep his body going and being physically active. Energy IN and OUT does not have to be balanced exactly every day. It’s the balance over time that will help an individual to maintain a healthy weight in the long run. For many people, this balance means eating fewer calories and increasing their physical activity. Cutting back on calories is a matter of choice. Making healthy food choices that are lower in fats especially saturated and trans fats, sugars, and salt etc can help maintain optimal weight.

Active Lifestyle

In addition to a healthy eating plan, an active lifestyle will help maintain body weight. By choosing to add more physical activity in daily life, one can increase the number of calories which are burnt by the body. Although physical activity is an integral part of weight management, it is also a vital part of health in general. Regular physical activity i.e. walking/jogging etc can reduce the risk of many chronic diseases and can help keep body healthy and strong.

Why Weight Loss Necessary?

It is in the interest of every individual to pursue an ideal weight, which in turn will contribute towards longevity, good physical and mental health and maximum effectiveness.

Health and Fitness Awareness

To achieve health and fitness goal for our next generation all parents are needed to emphasize/counsel their young children about the need to avoid unhealthy trends like consumption of high caloric diet, sedentary habits and lack of adequate exercise etc. Concerted efforts towards engaging us in regular games and exercises and monitoring of weight will help in achieving the objective.