How to Maintain Beautiful Hands?

maintain beautiful hands

Hands Beauty

Hands are not only for doing work; beautiful hands are as much necessary as your face beauty. Hands beauty has same importance because you can not hide your hands in front of people. People look and admire beautiful hands; hands and nails tell the people about your age.

Hands Protection

All parts of body have it’s their own beauty, so no part can be over looked. Caring your hands is more important as we have to use hands for hard works also, so there are more chances of their beauty damage.

Hand’s Beauty Protection Tips

In order to keep hands delicate and looking beautiful, here are some important tips given for your information:-

Special Care. Hands skin need special care as being thin as compared to the skin of other body parts.

Moisturizing.Keep your hands moisturized frequently during daily working of the day.

Avoid Hot Water. While washing clothes or utensils don’t use severe hot water, it may damage the skin of your hands.

Washing Powder Quality. In washing machines, use good quality of detergents / surf in order to avoid any damage to hands’ skin.

Use of Cream. A quality cream is to be applied on hands at bed time to keep the hands soft and delicate.

Constant Care. Hands care required constantly in order to keep them beautiful.

Avoid UV Rays. Like your face your hands, arms and open body parts are required to be protected from sun exposure. The UV rays of sun may damage the skin resulting, color change with dryness or wrinkles.

Avoid Roughness. Avoid those exercises which may result permanent roughness of your hands or left some tough marks.

Use of Gloves. Protect your hands with appropriate gloves during winter and avoid them to become icy cold.

Almond Oil. If your hands skin is dry, apply almond oil after washing with soap before going to bed.

For greasy hands, apply alumina mixed water on them to decrease greasiness

During hard work where there is chances to get scratches on hands, always wear rubber gloves before starting it.

Avoid cracking the finger’s joints as a habit, which may cause weakness of joints and deformity.