How to Avoid Pimples?

avoid pimples

No doubt, face beauty on the utmost priority of any girl and woman. Pimples on the face not only are painful but very much beauty destructive and some times last spots after healing. To avoid pimples we just have to notice the reasons for it and after that medication to be done. Normally medication remains in focus as compared to its reasons.

Pimples Reasons

The basically appearance of pimples is based on some hormonal changes at puberty and un-cleanliness of the skin as well as touching and accumulation of dirt, sebum and greasy substances on the skin.

How to Treat Cystic Acne?

If the simple acne is not to be treated properly it may be converted into cystic acne due to infection. It takes more time to heal cystic acne and some times it leaves scars on the face. The question how to get rid of pimples is frequently asked; here are given some reasons avoiding them the original beauty of the face can be restored.

Avoid Fats in Diet

If you are facing with acne pimples try to avoid meat, chips, fats, fried dishes, and dry fruits. Use raw fruits and vegetables abundantly and increase water intake up 2 liters daily.

Use of Telephone

It is common practice to use of telephone or mobile phone in daily life. The thing should be kept in mind is that your telephone set or its cradle must be clean. As it is used by different persons, have chances to accumulate any sebum, dirt, and grease on it. And being touched with your complexion it may cause pimple growth.

Dirty Pillows

In order to control pimple growth, it is advised to wash and clean your pillow cover and bedding frequently to avoid bacterium and sebum accumulation.

Dirty makeup kit

Using dirty makeup kit items may lead to acne pimples. So clean the makeup tools in order to get rid of sebum grease and bacterium. Some ladies related to showbiz have to remain under makeup all the time; it is harmful to face skin causing wrinkles and acne pimples. So it is advisable to remain without makeup at least one day in a week in order to make breathing your skin.

Un-safe Kissing or Touching

By kissing or touching the face with dirty hands can easily transfer bacterium and sebum to your complexion causing pimples. It is the old fashion of expressing love by touching the face.

Stress and Depression

Stress in young girls is also a major cause of aggravating the pimples appearance, during hormonal changes at puberty.

Excessive Washing out the Face

If you are using to wash your face frequently with soap, you are more prone to remove necessary natural oil of the skin and the excessive dryness may lead to pimples.

Avoid Dirt and Perspiration

After sport as you know that during sports body perspire profusely and you can not avoid dirt during sport, so it is necessary to take bath or shower after cooling down your body and change your clothes in order to avoid dirt bacterium.

Safe travelling

Avoid traveling in such trains and buses with open windows. As dirt and greasy smoke accumulate on your complexion, cause pimples and harm the softness of your beautiful face.

Avoid scratching the pimples

If pimples appear on your face try to consult your doctor for proper medicine or any cream and avoid scratching it. After scratching pimples turns into wounds and often leave scars after healing.