Natural Recipes for Hair Problems

hair problems

Although short hair styles are becoming popular in modern women the beauty of long, shining and strong hair can not be ruled out as a dream of most of the women. Nowadays with the development of science and chemistry so many modern solutions have been available in the market with charming slogans and attractive advertisements on electronic media. But the experience revealed that mostly the results of modern hair chemicals have been disappointing people.

Use of Herbal Hair Recipes

Herbal hair recipes are being used in developing countries with good results; even modern laboratories are now researching about the old age hair health’s secrets. Now they are preparing herbal shampoos for modern people, who have not sufficient time to apply old recipes or prefer to buy things beautifully packed. But the fact is that always original recipe produces original results, so here given all recipes are simple and original in its preparation and effective in their results.

To make hair shining and strong
Ingredients; castor oil, olive oil and glycerin (all equal in weight)
Preparation; very simple, mix them and shake well before use.
How to use? Apply the mixture on your scalp with the help of finger tips. Wait one hour then wash out hair with shampoo.
You will find your hair shining healthy after use. And gradually becomes strong after using some weeks.

To Have a Rich Gloss on Hair
Ingredients; strawberries 8-10 each, mayonnaise 1 tablespoon
Preparation; wash strawberries and mash them well or grind then mix it with mayonnaise completely.
How to use? Wash your hair with water simply without any shampoo. Apply the paste over scalp with finger tips completely. Wear a shower cap to cover your head and wrap the warm towel around your head. Wait for one hour and wash out with shampoo.
Amazingly your hair becomes conditioned and will reflect glittering shine.

To Stop Falling Hairs
Ingredients; sugar 2 tablespoons, lemon juice 4 tablespoons and vinegar
Preparation; dissolve sugar in lemon juice to get its mixture.
How to use? Massage the mixture into your scalp completely and wait for half an hour, then wash out with shampoo. At the end rinse your hair with vinegar.
You will find it very much effective to control falling hairs.
Ingredients: almond oil, castor oil, and one egg yolk.
Preparation; simply mix both almond oil and castor oil and shake well.
How to use? Heat the mixture to make it the little bit warm and apply it on the scalp with finger tips and leave it for 2-3 days. After 2-3 days take one egg yolk whip it slightly and apply to hairs and scalp then let it be dried. Then wash out hair with shampoo.
Natural Conditioner Recipe
Ingredients; beaten egg01, castor oil 2 tablespoons, vinegar 1 tablespoon and glycerin 1 tablespoon
Preparation; mix all ingredients and whip until it becomes a frothy mixture.
How to use? Apply the frothy mixture on your scalp with finger tips and massage gently. Wrap warm towel on your head and steam it. After steaming wash it off.
It gives natural conditioning of hairs, making them shiny, silky and beautiful.
Tomato Juice and Hair Cleansing
After using chemicals like Chlorine and other substances to hairs, it becomes dirty giving a strange feeling. To kill the problem tomato juice is available, its usage is very simple, just pour it in your head and leave it for some minutes and brush the hairs, then comb them thoroughly. You will see sebum like the sandy powdery solution, which is chlorine. In this way, you can remove skunk odor chlorine and all other sebum and dirt made your hairs sticky and dirty.