How to Maintain Your Eyes Health and Beauty?

keep eyes healthy

It is needless to emphasize the importance of eyes; so it is said, “out of sight out of mind”. Eyes are the precious organ of a body not only for its importance for seeing but also for its importance to face beauty. No face can be said beautiful without eyes.

Modern Lifestyle and Eyesight Problems

With the development of latest technologies, like TV, computers, video games eye straining has been increasing day by day in daily life. People have to work on computers for long hours, which is not favorable to eye health.

Beauty Tips for Eyes

Here are given some informative guidelines in order to ensure eye care.

TV watching in Dark Don’t watch TV or work on the computer in dark rooms. The balanced light should be arranged to avoid screen flickering bad effects on eyes.

Avoid late night waking and eye straining works, which may result into dark circles around the eyes and damage the eye and face beauty.

Relax your Eyes Place chilled cucumber pieces on eyes for 10-20 minutes to relax tired eyes.

To improve Eyelashes Castor oil is useful for eyelashes to make them healthy, strong and thick. Apply it to grow long eyelashes.

Massaging of coconut oil on the dark circles around eyes has a good effect to remove dark circles.

To remove Eye Puffiness In order to remove eyes puffiness try this simple tip; take a potato, grate it wrap in a clean cloth and put on your eyes and for 10-20 minutes, then wash out.

To avoid Dark Circles Apply a mixture of potato and lemon juice in equal proportion, around your eyes. Wait for 25 minutes and then wash out. It is useful to remove dark circles around the eyes.

Cucumber juice mixed with little rose water should be applied around your eyes before going to bed and wash it out after sleep.

Use of Milk Milk is also useful for removing dark circles around eyes, put cotton swabs on your eyes after dipping in chilled milk.

Washing eyes with salty water results in bright and beautiful eyes.

Apply milk cream on dark circles before going to sleep at night in order to remove dark circles and restore the beauty.