How to Protect Eye Sight Free?

ways to protect eyes

Nowadays electronic development has made our eyes to work hard for long hours in a day. Computer usage, TV watching, video games, mobile games and other communication systems, all need our eyesight to consume regularly. We have become so addictive that all these things are included in our basic requirements, and we can’t think remaining without them.

All these things have less or more bad effects on our eyesight. Here are some protective measures to safeguard our eyesight in spite of using all the electronic facilities;-

Eat Food Full of Vitamin A

Try to use the diet with full of vitamin A as it improves eyesight. Spinach, cabbage, pumpkin, turnip cabbage, maize and pea having vitamin A are very much helpful in connection with eyesight improvement. Try to use balanced diet as it is necessary to maintain over all health state.

Use of Pure Honey

To remove dirt from eyes and to clear eyesight pure honey is the best thing to use; one drop at night is sufficient. Be aware that it irritates a little bit but washes out all the sebum and dirt from eyes.Â

Use of Rose Extract

Pure rose extract (Arq-e-Gulaab) is very much useful for eye lotion. Two three drops for each eye is sufficient daily to improve eyesight.

Improve Water Intake

Water is life; no doubt it is the necessary part of life and dehydration may affect on eyesight also. Drink sufficient quantity of water daily; at least 6-8 glass daily in order to avoid dehydration.

Relax your Eyes

In order to relax your tired eyes place slices of cucumber on your closed eyes and lay down for some time, amazingly you’ll get your eyes relaxed and fresh.Â

Safe Sitting Position in front of Computers

While working with computer ensure your head must above from the level of your computer screen to avoid direct radiation in your eyes.

Avoid Close Watching of TV

While watching the TV proper distance should be maintained from the TV screen.

Avoid Continous Eye Straining Works

If you have to work with a computer for hours, try to get breaks during work to avoid constant eye focusing on the screen.

Relax During Work

During long office working to relax immediately, close your eyes, put your head back and empty divert your mind to some beautiful memories for just 3 minutes.

Proper Lighting Arrangements at Work Places

Light of the room and the screen contrast should be matching, avoid doing work with a computer or watching TV in dark; it has the bad effect on eyesight.

Avoid UV Rays

Looking to the sun with naked eye should be avoided; UV rays coming from the sun may harm your eyes and skin as well; if exposure is long.

Eyes Exercises

In order to improve eyesight some Chinese exercises are given below;-

Exercise-1 Rotate your eye balls in the circle clockwise for ten times, then anti-clock wise for ten times.

Exercise-2 Heat up your hands by rubbing with each other and place your palms on eyes.

Exercise-3 Hold a pencil or any other thing in your hand, with keeping stare on its tip, move pencil towards your nose slowly, and back slowly. Repeat it for 10 times. This exercise improves accommodation flexibility of eye lens.

Exercise-4 Massage your temples with your thumbs for two minutes, then your forehead center above eyebrows with forefinger for 2 minutes, then under your eyes on both sides of Nose Bridge for 2 minutes.

Note Whenever you feel a headache by reading books, newspaper or with any visual exertion, take it seriously and consult your doctor to check your eyesight. He may advise you to wear glasses, in case your eyesight is being weakened.