How to Get Pregnant Fast?

Pregnancy Chances

The chances of pregnancy increase in a position when the entire body of a woman has become fully stimulated and susceptible to conception. So many factors are involved to bring a lady to its peak susceptibility for pregnancy and all the tips are helpful to get pregnant fast.

Ovulation Factor

One of the most important factors of pregnancy is ovulation cycle; menstrual periods are the result of ovulation cycle. Every month women ovary produces an egg, which travels through fallopian tubes and reaches a specific point staying alive for only 24 hours waiting for the sperm for fertilization.

Ovulation Management

Now we come to the management for conception keeping in mind the ovulation cycle. Ovulation plays the key role in becoming pregnant. A woman who has a regular menstrual cycle would usually have their ovulation on the 14th day of the cycle. You may understand it with example i.e. if the menses starting date is 1st of any month then the expected ovulation date is the 14th day of the same month.

Best Time for Conception

On this day, a woman becomes most susceptible to pregnancy as their fertile eggs become ready to welcome male sperm to be able to make the egg fertilized. The best way for one to secure higher chances of conception is to make love with his partner a few days before from the date of ovulation; sperm having more life than egg, known to stay alive for up to five whole days in the uterus.

Life Span of Egg

Unlike the sperm, the fertilized female egg has a life span for about 24 hours or less; this is why it is necessary the presence of sperm in the uterus during the life span of the female egg, which has to die out unless it is fertilized by sperm during its life span which is very short. By managing lovemaking during this peak pregnancy susceptibility, one will be increasing their chances to get pregnant.

Tricky Tips to Increase Pregnancy Chances

Keeping sperm inside the female system is also a tricky yet vital factor to raising the opportunity for pregnancy. This is why women trying for getting pregnant are advised to have sexual intercourse in a position where one would be able to prevent the natural semen flowing out the uterus. It is also advisable for ladies to stay in a position which is favorable to retain semen inside, for some time 15-20 minutes after having sex and don’t rush to washroom just after intercourse for necessary cleaning.